November 1, 2021

This is your reminder if you are feeling the weight of it all to turn it off. Turn off the phone, the TV, the laptop, put down the tablet.

Tech expert Geoff Quattromani from the Technology Uncorked podcast, says it is better to turn passwords into passphrases.

Is it normal that we’re becoming used to our smartphones running out of battery earlier and earlier? Here’s some tips to prolong your phone battery life.

A reform to the national assessment program, NAPLAN, to include digital literacy in its testing indicates the increased use of technology in education.

Fitbits, Apple Watches and health apps have surged in popularity as more and more individuals seize the opportunity to monitor their health and fitness.

If you’re talking to someone who speaks another language, as that person speaks over the phone, you will receive an almost real-time translation in English.

Advances in nanotechology hold great potential to empower our health, recreation and physical world to an unprecedented extent.

A new tech start-up lead by former CEO of World Vision Australia promises to increase protection of all vulnerable people from malpractice and abuse.

When we systematically allow our teenagers to go to bed late we couldn’t design a worse system for learning and wellbeing.

Social media e-commerce is on the rise and the trends are clear: the younger the user, the more likely they are to spend through social media.

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