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Taylor Swift is Not Alone: The Growing Nightmare of AI Deepfake Porn

In January, Taylor made headlines when social media site X lit up with AI-generated sexually explicit ‘deepfakes’ of Swift.

What is Your Operating System?

What is your operating system, for life? Where do you go to find beauty? Or purpose? Or peace? How do you make meaningful connections?

Artificial Intelligence and the Christian Faith

Considering the pros and cons of AI from a Christian perspective allows us to navigate its impact with wisdom and discernment.

Screen and Social Media Use Amongst Young Aussies

Three quarters of Gen Z and 72% of Gen Y indicate they struggle spending too much time on screens and technology.

Will you Help Emojis Rule The World?

There are words that will never be made into emojis, because they are too nuanced or complex, writes Dr Pete Court.

Is AI Reinforcing Gender Inequity? These SXSW Sydney Panelists Say It’s a Risk

Dr Catriona Wallace, journalist Tracey Spicer and Elladex CEO Shivani Gopal on how gender inequity could be exacerbated by machine learning.

Beyond ChatGPT: Here’s How AI Has Already Infiltrated Our Everyday

AI is already serving us across many arenas of life, from serving as a round-the-clock doctor to keeping online customers happy.

AI and Christian Faith: What Does the Bible Have to Say?

Of course, the Bible doesn’t mention AI… but it does have many things to say about technology, writes Akos Balogh.

Personalisation is Getting Personal: Here’s Where Tech Trends Meet Food Fads

The trend of high-tech customer personalisation has worked its way into the health and nutrition fields, writes futurist Michael McQueen.

Robots are Getting Their Hands Dirty to Keep us Fed

One of the industries where tech innovation is hitting the ground most effectively is agriculture, writes Michael McQueen.

Planning a Trip? Here’s How Your Travel Plans May Change in the Next Few Years

Technology is invading every facet of travel from the transit to the destinations themselves. Travel is set to change dramatically.

The Changing Age of Self-Learning

In today’s digital age, self-learning has taken on new dimensions, with generations turning to diverse platforms to acquire knowledge.

Here’s How Gen Z Operates Online

Gen Z have never known a world without the Internet – so their hobbies, careers, identities and language are being shaped by what’s online.

7 Christian Principles To Help Us Adopt AI in a Human-Centered Way

How do we make sense of the changes AI is bringing? What principles can we use to think through what we adopt and how we adopt it?

The Strange Anti-Christian Bias of Microsoft’s New A.I.

As we step back and think about what’s going on with digital technology – including AI – there’s a few keys Christians need to consider.

Rise of EVs: “Three Types of Cars Will Become Extinct”

With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular, a car auction platform has made a bold prediction about the future of traditional cars.

How Teachers Feel About A.I. as a Tool to Enhance Learning

Just like the calculator changed the way that students engaged with maths, AI can change the way that students engage in their learning.

How a Secular View of Morality Creates Challenges for Ethical A.I.

As we continue to develop and use artificial intelligence, we must consider the ethical implications of robotic systems making moral choices.