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Why Some Ideas are Insane Before They Are Innovative

Most new ideas follow a predictable journey from being unthinkable, to radical, to acceptable and sensible, and then finally to popular or normal.

‘Cyberwarfare’ and the Role of Big Tech in Modern War

International security expert Klon Kitchen unpacks the role of Big Tech in contemporary warfare, including in the war in Ukraine

Todd Sampson Wants Us to Take a Good, Hard Look at the Internet’s Impact on Our Lives

The ad guy from ‘Gruen’ returns with ‘Mirror Mirror’ Season 2, showing us what our online obsession is actually doing to us.

The Metaverse Has Arrived – Here are 4 Places It Will Take Us

We are already seeing the metaverse transform things. From work to play, this immersive version of the internet is engaging users in every sphere of life.

Why Virtual Reality Might be Our Best Shot at Restoring Human Empathy

First-hand experience is a difficult thing for marketers to offer people. However, virtual reality gives us a greater ability to offer it than ever before.

Should We Live the Iphone or Android Way?

A recent report that Android users are safer drivers than iPhone users got podcaster Andrew Laird thinking about the nature of humanity…

Social Media Loses Trust as Source of News: Report

A new study reveals that Australians are turning away from social media platforms for a specific type of content.

The Future of Shopping in a Post-Lockdown World

After relying on handy click-and-collect methods and helpful delivery services, many of us became accustomed to avoiding shopping centres to stay safe.

Is Smart Carpet the Next Must-Have Home Innovation?

Our homes already have smart fridges, televisions, vacuum cleaners – and now the carpet is about to get smart, and it comes with surprising health benefits.

Mission, Ministry and Maliciousness in the Metaverse

Stephen McAlpine shares his reflections on the kinds of experiences we can expect from mission and ministry in the ‘Metaverse’.

The Future of Flying Cars is Here

In years past, flying cars were the stuff of fantasy. But developments of the last decade are seeing them edge closer to reality, writes Michael McQueen.

A Moment of Silence for the Iconic and Now Discontinued iPod

It’s time to move on! Made redundant with the introduction of the iPhone, Apple bids adieu to the iconic iPod after 21 years.

3 Key Powers of 3D Printing

While 3D printing has been a fringe technology for decades, the numbers give some indication of how quickly it is moving towards the mainstream.

8 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed Online or Over the Phone

Tips and tricks from Andrew Legge of Servant IT on how to be more online and phone call savvy when it comes to avoiding scammers.

The Metaverse Will Mean More to Gen Alpha Than Any Other Generation

The first movers of the Metaverse just might be Generation Alpha – the most technologically integrated generation of our lifetime.

4 Ways We Will Wear Tomorrow’s Wearable Tech

Technology is being increasingly integrated with the human body. Here are four areas that are seeing tech become more wearable than ever:

$1 Billion Upgrade: A Plan for Australia’s Digital Workforce

The Australian Computer Society has proposed a raft of messages for the government to stock up the nation’s digital infrastructure.

The Tech Trends for 2022: What Is Coming?

With the last two years forcing us to embrace a new way of living, the coming year will see us leave behind many of the things we had taken for granted.