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Lifeline Releases Free Mental Health Guide for Holiday Season

Lifeline has a hub of articles, quizzes, testimonials and resources to help us have a healthier, happier holiday season.

Building a Sisterhood for Women to Support Each Other

Women need to join forces to support each other in the multiple roles we face as mother, daughter, wife, employee, nurse and schedule-holder.

Help Fight Hidden Homelessness, this National Homelessness Week

It’s National Homelessness Week – and Mission Australia is calling on people of faith to dig deep to help the 122,000 Australians affected.

“Made With Love”: Elderly Aussies Send Hope to Ukraine’s Kids

Teddy bears made by elderly Australians and Kiwis are being delivered to displaced children in a war-torn land.

New Lifeline Toolkit to Help People Who Aren’t Ready to Speak Up Yet

Lifelines’ digital toolkit helps those going through tough circumstances or mental health struggles, as well as people caring for others.

What Your Friend Really Needs When Their Going Through a Divorce

Not every person facing divorce is the same, but I believe there are 10 universal needs that most who are divorcing share.

Dear Christian, When The Pandemic Hits, This Is Our Time

This is our time to think not about ourselves, but about our neighbours. Many of whom are scared, and will only grow more so as the virus spreads.