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This Too Shall Pass

Life is filled with moments of change, both good and bad. In those times, it’s important to have an unchanging anchor.

A Familiar Story for the Eternal Problem of Suffering

Philosophers, scientists and theologians have all sought to understand the problem of evil. The Bible offers a narrative that makes sense of it.

Pretending to be God

When you know that you aren’t God, then you are ready to really know who God is and the closer your relationship with Him will be.

7 Reflections on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

War should not drive us to despair, but help us yearn for the new creation, writes Akos Balogh, in this reflection on the invasion of Ukraine.

“I’m Grateful I Had a Brain Tumour” Says Comedy Writer Jeannie Gaffigan

Jeannie’s recovery wasn’t easy, with months attached to tubes and retraining herself to speak after a tracheotomy, but it’s an experience she appreciates.

“God is Not Offended By People Asking ‘Why?’,” Says Christian Apologetics Author

As we ask harder questions about the state of our world, Dr Orr-Ewing says “questions and doubts are not the enemy of the Christian faith”.

John Lennox: “Can the Coronavirus Be Reconciled With the Existence of a Loving God?”

We need convincing evidence of the goodness of God’s character if we are to trust him with our lives and futures in a world that deadly pathogens exist.

What We Mean When We Say God is in Control During a Pandemic

In the great debate of how exactly divine sovereignty and human free will interact, here are three things we can be sure of.

How Can God Be Real When the World Is so Messed Up?

At the age of 9, Dan Paterson experienced a car accident which prompted a life journey exploring some of the biggest and most painful questions of life.

One Insight That Will Help You Thrive In The COVID-19 Age

This one simple principle when applied in the face of adversity is a game-changer for how we relate to suffering, including COVID-19.

Persecution Goes Digital: Christians Targeted with Technology

Mike Gore, CEO of Open Doors Australia and New Zealand, said persecution is going digital in places like China and India.