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Okay Thought Leaders: It’s Time to Stop Bagging Out the “Average Church Member”

I don’t think it’s encouraging for church members to keep on reading on socials what a poor job they are doing.

Is Russell Finally Branding Himself A Christian?

If you haven’t seen the video of Russell Brand declaring that he’s getting seriously interested in Christianity – watch it now.

New Year, Old You: Do Liturgical Calendars Help?

We all need rhythm. We all need a reset from time to time. But is the liturgical calendar essential for Christians?

Jesus, Evangelism and Our Fabulous Holiday

No amount of luxury holidays seem to block the bitter wind of anxiety in our modern West. It is beginning to feel like storms are brewing.

When Death Starts to Take Our Friends

Matthew Perry’s death sobers us. It reminds us of the fleeting nature of life and the fading nature of beauty.

Why Do We Hang On To Toxic Leaders?

The attitude that any leader, despite their behaviour, is integral and indispensible to the organisation, is a myth, writes Stephen McAlpine.

The ‘Theology of The Skull’ in Euthanasia Laws

What we are watching in the post-Christian West is the inexorable marching of what I will term “The Theology Of The Skull”.

Tim Keller’s Last Word on Forgiveness

Tim Keller’s final book does what the writer did for the bulk of his ministry: it infuses a deep gracious call for spiritual transformation.

Pascal’s Poo Test Wager

But it’s no laughing matter. The increased risk of bowel cancer as you er, pass, fifty means that the poo test could be a life saver.

ChatGPT: What No A-I Hath Seen

Who would want a church full of AI ‘synths’ when you can have one full of humans, writes Stephen McAlpine.

The West Was Post-Christian: Until It Wasn’t

The removal of Christianity hasn’t left us with a self-assured humanity, rather aimless people, struggling with their bodies and identity.

My Friends’ Dads Are Dying. So What Are We Learning From It?

I don’t mean to sound too sombre, but planning for death, its inevitability and inexorable pull towards our grave, is not a bad thing.

‘Video’ Discipleship In a ‘Digital’ Age – Why The Church Needs to Catch Up

The world is discipling us, not on the basis of intellectual argument, but at a deeply subterranean emotional level, writes Stephen McAlpine.

You’re Not One of Those Evangelicals Are You?

I’d just settled into the plane for the five hour flight back home across this great brown land called Australia, and I was tired. 

Okay, So it’s a Secular Age – But Jesus is Still Working

We don’t need to tailor the gospel message to make it more acceptable to the modern progressive mind, writes Stephen McAlpine.

Hey Christian, Don’t ‘Quiet Quit’ Your Faith

Quiet quitting the Christian life is when people bear no fruit because of ‘the cares of the world’… or as we might put it today, “everyday life”.

John and Amy’s Kitchen Table – And What it Says About Worship

We need to build Christian worship that complements both old and new, and is true… Worship cannot be aesthetics alone, writes Stephen McAlpine.

The Day the Queen Met the King

Last week, the Queen, who had so often heard the term “Your Majesty” spoken to her, would have spoken them to someone else. The one true King.