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Business Leaders Can Lead the Way in Positive Social Change

A Helping Hands panel discussion looks at the responsibility business can have in leading the way in action for social issues.

Why Young People Are Moving Away from Faith

Why are our children walking away from church and faith and how can we prevent it? Author Melanie Saward has some suggestions.

Australia’s Migration Patterns: Home Near and Far

Among the various cultures contributing to Australia’s multicultural fabric, the United Kingdom takes the lead…

The Future of Commerce is Cause-Driven

There’s not only intrinsic value in being a trustworthy, integrous and ‘good’ organization, there are compelling commercial reasons too.

AI and Christian Faith: What Does the Bible Have to Say?

Of course, the Bible doesn’t mention AI… but it does have many things to say about technology, writes Akos Balogh.

Recruitment Tides are Changing: Here’s What You Need to Know

The tides are changing in the world of recruitment, as the impact of AI and the post-pandemic workplace shifts continue to proliferate.

Planning a Trip? Here’s How Your Travel Plans May Change in the Next Few Years

Technology is invading every facet of travel from the transit to the destinations themselves. Travel is set to change dramatically.

Forget David Vs Goliath: Meet Today’s Empowered Customer

Recent years have seen the balance of power shift rapidly away from organisations and to the individual, writes Michael McQueen.

Australia’s New Dream: Financial Independence

A new report shows that Financial independence now surpasses home ownership as the top financial dream for Australians today.

The Rise of Conscious Consumers

The future consumer is reshaping the landscape of the retail world, calling for accountability in their operations.

The ‘Theology of The Skull’ in Euthanasia Laws

What we are watching in the post-Christian West is the inexorable marching of what I will term “The Theology Of The Skull”.

The Changing Age of Self-Learning

In today’s digital age, self-learning has taken on new dimensions, with generations turning to diverse platforms to acquire knowledge.

In the Circular Economy, ‘Repairs’ Are Making a Comeback

While fast fashion has encouraged a consumerism that buys new and throws out old, new initiatives are pushing for a more circular economy.

Australians Impacted by High Living Costs and Cashless Habits

Almost two in five Australians (37%) would find themselves without funds within a week if their income were to cease.

You Thought TV Home Shopping Was Dead? Meet ‘Shoppertainment’

With almost a third of Gen Zs actively searching social platforms to make online purchases, social commerce is a field ripe with opportunity.

Gen Z’s Financial Savvy: Multiple Incomes for a Secure Future

Surpassing their older counterparts in their drive for financial stability, Gen Z is redefining wealth in Australia.

Want to Be Innovative? You Need a Water Cooler

Despite the convenience of remote working, it doesn’t help build trust and innovation among employees, writes Michael McQueen.

Rise of EVs: “Three Types of Cars Will Become Extinct”

With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular, a car auction platform has made a bold prediction about the future of traditional cars.