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How to Avoid Workplace Stress

We all know how stressful work can be. So, should we just avoid it altogether? The Bible gives a very clear answer to that — no!

A Holistic Approach to Self Care

Holistic self-care is good stewardship that gives us the strength, resilience, and clarity required to effectively serve God and others.

Embracing Sensitivity: Mastering Life as a Highly Sensitive Person

A highly sensitive person is someone with heightened sensitivity to sensory and social stimuli, as well as emotions.

Unwrapping Social Comparison: A Guide for the Festive Season

The holiday season is upon us, and you might find yourself instinctively engaging in social comparison to guide you…

Make Sure You Rest and Recharge Before a New Year

Do get the chance to properly rest over the break? And if you do, do you find that you continue to feel tired and fatigued into the new year?

Following Your Values Can Increase Your Enjoyment of Christmas

Paying attention to which activities align with our values is a great way for us to increase meaning and enjoyment at Christmas time.

Drained After Socialising? How to Recognise Social Fatigue

A busy weekend full of socialising can be energising for some, but for others it might feel like another weekend is needed just to recover…

How to Build a Strong Support Network: 3 Keys

Our social wellness plays a very big role in our physical and mental health. Here are some keys to building a strong quality support network.

The Importance of Wasting Time

What if wasting time was the most productive thing you could do this week? I mean intentionally giving yourself permission to rest or play.

5 Tips on How to Stop Being a Doormat

Some of us may have the misunderstanding that as long as we are really, really, really nice to others, people will like us.

10 Signs You Are Burning Out

Often it’s hard to notice our own levels of burnout, as we simply get ‘used to’ feeling the way we do. Here are 10 signs to look out for.

Self Care Helps Us Stay the Course

Self-care is not about a recreational activity. It’s about good stewardship of the resources that we have, writes Valerie Ling.

Carer Fatigue and Burnout: What Is and What To Do

If you you or someone you know may be experiencing carer fatigue or burnout, it is important to take some action, writes Katelyn Tasker.

How to Design Your Day to Prevent Burnout

Preventing burnout is an ongoing exercise. And it starts with planning a balanced day, writes psychologist Valerie Ling.

Food Can Prompt Us Toward Godly Wonder, Says Writer Erin Davis

Realising how unhealthy her approach to food had become, Erin Davis began to wonder what the Bible had to say about food.

Are You Doing Too Much On Your Holidays? One Psychologist Says “Yes”

Clinical psychologist Valerie Ling believes people don’t know how to take a holiday anymore, and shares where the word originated.

Rom-Coms Don’t Just Make You Feel Good, They’re Good *For* You… It’s Science!

Do you have a secret addiction to feel-good romantic comedies? Turns out there’s good reason. They’re actually good for your health.