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9 Ideas for Screen Time Balance

Instead of banning screens, we need to help our tweens find a healthy balance for their gaming and video-streaming time, writes Collett Smart.

Yippee! A Safe Streaming Site For Kids Unlike Any Other

The popular faith-based US streaming platform launches in Australia as a “safer” alternative to YouTube and other streamers.

3 Simple Tips for Managing Screen Time for the Whole Family

According to research, one of the most significant impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on parents and children is an increase in screen time.

How to Banish Screens and Make Mealtimes Matter

We’ve all had that conversation about those families who go out for dinner and then stare at their screens rather than one another.

5 Better Conversations To Have About Screens

It’s time to move beyond the conversation about ‘screen time’ and talk instead about the interplay between technology and wellbeing.

Emerging Generation’s Recommended Screen-Time – It’s Less Than You Think

It is hard to refute the statement that we are now living in the great screenage. Screen-based devices are now a regular part of our day to day lives.