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The Great Teacher Exodus: Tackling Burnout in the Education Sector

Levels of teacher burnout are high and there are significant challenges in attracting and retaining the next generation of teachers.

Starting School Well: the ABCs of Transitioning to School

For some children, starting school is a step closer to becoming a ‘grown up’. This academic says it’s important to help them transition well.

Review of Funding for School Chaplaincy Underway

Share your story! Submissions close soon for students and families to share about the impact and effectiveness of school chaplaincy.

Top 5 Education Trends

The education sector provides the framework to educate Australia’s future generations. The magnitude of this warrants understanding key trends in education.

What To Expect From The Schools Of Tomorrow

Doubts have risen surrounding the current form of education in Western countries, the preparation of students for a rapidly changing technological world.

School Chaplaincy To Be Axed in ACT, Fear Other States Will Follow

From the end of this year, the ACT Government has decided to cut the school chaplaincy program from public schools triggering an urgent campaign.

A Focus On Holistic Education is #trending In Schools

There is a greater focus on the holistic upbringing in schools. We are seeing a shift from the educational basics to education of the whole child.

The Wellbeing Challenge in Australian Schools

As student wellbeing becomes an increasingly topical issue surveys show that parent expectations of Australian schools is on the rise.

Student Wellbeing and Academic Results Linked to Positive Student-Teacher Relationship

Teachers have influence well beyond their students; they play a vital part in the school culture as whole as well as the education system.

3 Ways to Future-Proof our Schools, Students and Educational System

With widespread change expected in our future the need for educational systems and educators themselves to be future-fit has never been greater.

Moving? How to Help Your Child Settle into a New School

By: Dr Justin Coulson Dear Justin, I’ve been offered a promotion at work, which is great for the family – or at least it’s great for me and our income. Unfortunately it means a big move for my two boys (ages 7 and 10). They are both nervous about the move but especially about starting … Continue reading “Moving? How to Help Your Child Settle into a New School”