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How To Be Pool Safe in Summer

Kidz Alive reminds us that pool gate safety and supervision are key to having a fun summer in the pool this year.

She’s A Crowd: Making Cities Safer for Women Around the World

She’s A Crowd allows sexual assault survivors to safely share their stories and collects data to prevent assault cases in the future.

“A Silent Killer” – Families Urged to Get Kids Back to Swimming Lessons

Summer is almost here, and swim teachers are urging parents to find the goggles and caps, and re-enrol their children in swimming lessons.

Avoiding Burns in the Home: CPR Kids’ Advice for Winter Safety

How do you keep little ones warm overnight without the help of all of these more traditional methods? CPR Kids has some advice.

“Our Mission to Save Children”: New Anti-Abuse Technology

A new tech start-up lead by former CEO of World Vision Australia promises to increase protection of all vulnerable people from malpractice and abuse.

Don’t Give in to Social Pressure to Drink and Drive This Holiday Season, Says Road Safety CEO

New research is revealing 37 per cent of Australians still plan to drink when they know they will be driving.

Swim Australia CEO is Concerned Australians Families Are Opting Out of Swimming Lessons

New research suggests a lot of Aussie kids aren’t ready to enjoy the water safely – with a number of families opting out of swimming lessons.

4 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe This Fire Season

PetSafe Australia is urging all pet owners to make sure they have included their household animals in their family’s bush fire safety plans.

Ask Dr Justin – Should We Be Tracking Our Kids?

I worry – consistently – about my kids’ safety when they’re not at home. Should I be getting them to use a location tracker so I know they’re safe?