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Take Time to Pause and Learn about Refugees this Refugee Week

Refugees are often seen as recipients of aid rather than the ones who can actually make decisions about policy.

Could You Survive Off the Same Rations as a Refugee?

An Australian school teacher taking on Act For Peace’s Ration Challenge – living off refugee rations for a week – and is calling others to join him.

How Christians Are Helping Ukrainian Refugees In Hungary

Akos Balogh spoke to a Hungarian Christian aid worker to hear about the 350,000 Ukrainian refugees in Hungary and how they’re being supported.

The True Story of a Fearless Woman Whose Work Has Saved Thousands of Lives: Saint Judy [Movie Review]

In Saint Judy, we see a world where the vulnerable not only need help – they have to prove they’re worthy of it.

A Venezuelan Migrant’s Story

Hundreds and thousands of Venezuelan migrants cross into Colombia each day, leaving behind chaos and deprivation. The journey is demanding and dangerous.