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‘Till’ Tells an Important Story That is Timeless

‘Till’ will touch parents’ souls while providing a historical perspective on one of the darker sides of humanity, writes Russ Matthews.

Does ‘Colour Blindness’ Need a Cure?

Because of my upbringing, I never saw myself as white, or others as coloured. But in not seeing someone’s colour, we also don’t see their potential pain.

Can Racism Be Stopped in the Schoolyard? A New Doco is About to Find Out

A new ABC documentary is observing a pilot program designed to change the conversation about race in a primary school.

How To Heal A Country: Celebrate Our Differences Says US Pastor

“I do believe there can be restoration… if we can see power in our difference, we can begin that pattern that will bring healing to generations.”

“White Privilege” And Indigenous Reparations

I’m nervous about adopting ‘white privilege’. It’s an ideologically loaded word, based in large part on non-Christian worldviews and beliefs.