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Aussie Population Reaches 27 Million, 30 Years Early

With one new Australian being added to the population count every 50 seconds, we could reach 28 million in August 2025.

Australia’s Ageing Population and the Future

The aged care sector in Australia faces both a challenge and an opportunity. By 2050, it may need a workforce twice its current size.

Improving Food Systems can Help Tackle Climate Change, Says Academic

By 2050, the global population is expected to reach 10 billion, which means there will be an extra two billion people to feed.

We Should Incentivise Child-Bearing, Says Social Scientist Nicholas Eberstadt

Young people are having less or no children, due to a belief that it will hinder their true calling in life. And experts say there is a cost.

The World’s Population Has Reached 8 Billion

November 15, 2022 was the day the United Nations predicted the world’s population would tick over the historic 8 billion milestone.

8 Billion and Counting: “Everyone’s Living Longer”

This month, the world population odometer ticked over to eight billion people, the fastest rise ever. But that growth is expected to fall.

What Low Migration Has Meant for Australia’s Economy and Property Market

Migration has historically been the primary mechanism for Australia’s growth. So what happens when closed borders brings that to a halt?

Exploring the Link Between Population Growth and Property Prices

Over the last two years, the key factors driving Australia’s population growth have all fallen. What does that mean for property prices into the future?

Melbourne set to become Australia’s largest city – McCrindle

Melbourne is set to pass the 6 million population mark at the end of the decade – overtaking Sydney to become Australia’s largest city.

The Future of Housing In Australia

The type of homes people desire are changing and so is the composition of households. By 2041 we will have 13 million homes, up from 10 million in 2021.

Australia’s Future Demographic Identity

Data has the power to show us where we have come from and gives us a glimpse into the future of what could be. Here’s what it says about our identity.

Impacts of COVID-19 on Population Growth

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) population data has arrived, highlighting the impacts of COVID-19 on our population.

World Population Day Sunday July 11 – a Glimpse Into the Future

At present there are more than 7.8 billion people in the world and by 2050, the world population is projected to reach 9.7 billion.

The Rise of the Regions: Australia’s Are Moving to Regional Areas

Research shows an increase in regional living as Australians seek a different lifestyle and location for work along with a more affordable location.

How COVID-19 is Likely to Affect Australia’s Population Forecast

The global pandemic is bringing about a series of unprecedented events to the Australian economy and our way of living.

The Global Population is Set to Peak in 2064

New population modelling reveals that by mid-century, the top four countries by population will be India, Nigeria, China and the USA.

Australia’s Indian Community Experienced the Largest Growth in 2018

A recent data release from the ABS shows some interesting findings about Australia’s population and migration trends during last year.

Australia towards 2030

Australia is growing in religious diversity. In 1966 almost nine in ten Australians identified as Christian. This compares to 52.1% today.