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The Clearing

“Like a small flame flickering and waving in the dark, calling to her.” Neri Morris creates theatre of the mind in her creative piece ‘The Clearing.’

How Daring Is Your Faith?

“Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” In those eight words, Jesus dares us to have a faith that is bigger than the circumstances we see around us.

I Tried To Give A Homeless Man A Sandwich

I was sitting and sipping the morning away, when the homeless man who lives on the steps of the church I work near, popped into my mind.

I Tried To Give A Homeless Man A Sandwich

Perhaps there is a lesson bigger than just being charitable or kind to those less fortunate when God prompts us to help others.

Who Am I To Think I Can Improve The Timing Of God?

I wonder what could be achieved if we were willing to respond when the timing of God disrupts our lives, instead of waiting for when it’s convenient for us.

Recipes For One

Trying to find a recipe that doesn’t serve four? Here are 20 amazing recipes for brekky, lunch, dinner and dessert when you’re cooking for one.

12 Easy Healthy Snacks

Bliss balls, toasted pumpkin seeds, eggplant chips and more! Here are 12 easy and healthy snacks that you can make at home.

The Best Indoor Plants

Looking for the perfect plant for your home or workspace? Check out this list featuring 11 of the best indoor plants from a self-confessed crazy plant lady!

Hey Single Girl, How’d You Go On Mother’s Day?

To the single woman who wants to be a mother but isn’t and the woman who desires to be a wife but is not. This letter is for you.

Is Loneliness A Sin?

Anything that distracts us from God, causing us to doubt and seek comfort elsewhere is sinful. So if loneliness comes from a place where you have taken your eyes off God, does that make it a sin?

What Are You Holding Out For?

I was holding out for something external to happen to me to give me permission to change. I didn’t even realise that this was an expectation that I had.

Harvest of Joy

Nothing in my circumstances had changed- I was still sitting in the dirt and dust of deep heartache, but for a split second, I felt the smallest amount of joy.