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“I Am Not Your Villain” 007 Campaign Calls for “Bad Guys” to Get a Makeover

Their #IAmNotYourVillian campaign highlights the repeated use of facial disfigurement in characterising antagonists on film.

Movie Challenge: The Travel Edition

Films showcasing the world’s coolest cities for those itching to travel again, and those who are happy to travel from your lounge room.

From White Supremacy to Civil Rights Activist, Bob Zellner on Being a ‘Son of the South’

Mentored by Rosa Parks, Bob Zellner was a Klansman’s grandson who became a key supporter of the Civil Rights Movement – now depicted in ‘Son of the South’.

Surviving Suicide, Jazz Thornton’s New Film ‘The Girl on the Bridge’

Jazz Thornton wants to reveal what suicide is from the inside, and help people better understand what ‘help’ really looks likes.

‘Unstoppable’: The ‘Soul Surfer’ Bethany Hamilton’s New Documentary

Her story was turned into the 2011 film Soul Surfer, and now she’s telling it in her own way with her new documentary Unstoppable.

‘Last Christmas’ Reminds us We’re All Connected [Movie Review]

The great thing about the pre-Christmas season, is that it’s totally OK for Australians to indulge in White Christmas fantasies.

Abortion Worker’s Shocking True Story told in ‘Unplanned’

The shocking true story that turned one woman from a staunch abortion advocate, into a pro-life campaigner – fighting for the rights of the unborn.

Mr March – Are All Dads That Perfect?

We recently had Father’s Day, and it’s a pretty fun day, according to all the TV ads. Reality check? Being a dad isn’t easy.

Babe. What a Pig Taught Me about the Secret to Success

Society tells us that pigs don’t herd sheep, boys don’t dance, girls don’t play soccer or roller derby. But the heroes in the movies bravely defy society.

Meeting the real Mrs Gladys Staines

Mrs Gladys Staines made me feel normal, somehow. Like I didn’t have to pretend, and I didn’t have to improve, to be in her company.

‘I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ – The Aussie Director Behind Joshua Harris’ Documentary

In the past few years as Joshua has revaluated his position, Australian filmmaker Jessica Van Der Wyngaard has been making a documentary on the process.

“Poms” a Warm-Hearted Comedy [Movie Review]

Poms is perfect for a Girls Day Out, or to feed your anti-ageing rebellion. It is light-hearted but could change your life if you let it.

Pastor’s Death Penalty Vow to Bali Nine

A pastor’s vow to a prisoner facing execution to speak out against the death penalty is dramatised in the short film ‘Execution Island’.

Aussie Missionary Story Now a Feature Film Starring Stephen Baldwin

The tragic yet inspiring story of Australian missionary Graham Staines is one that will never be forgotten by India’s Christian community, who have suffered persecution for decades.

“Isn’t It Romantic” – Rebel Wilson & Liam Hemsworth Poke Fun at Chick-Flicks

By Laura Bennett For those that indulge in romantic comedies, half the appeal is knowing just how far fetched and simplistic the love story will be; so what if the leads meet while tasting cheese at a Farmers Market, or stealing each other’s…

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Movie Review

By: Bob Hoose Claire Dearing is different now. She’s had a change of heart. Whereas she used to be all about the business of managing the dinosaur theme park Jurassic World, she’s now much more invested in protecting the endangered…