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The Disturbing Contradiction at the Heart of Secular Morality

There’s a contradiction built into the heart of the secular view of morality, that upends the view of human rights many take for granted.

How Remembrance Day and WW2 Gave Me Moral Clarity about Israel/Hamas War

While I respect Obama in many ways, I have concerns about his popular view that ‘nobody’s hands are clean’ in the Israel-Hamas war.

A Fatal Flaw at The Heart of Evolutionary Morality

Our secular culture often uses evolution to explain why we’re moral creatures, and why we’re outraged at injustice. But the theory has a fatal flaw.

7 Reflections on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

War should not drive us to despair, but help us yearn for the new creation, writes Akos Balogh, in this reflection on the invasion of Ukraine.