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Overcoming the Cost of Living Crisis: Some Biblical Principles

Some biblical strategies to help you navigate the cost of living crisis and find financial stability in alignment with your faith.

Youtuber vs Wall Street, the David and Goliath Battle – in ‘Dumb Money’

Despite being labelled as ‘dumb money’ by the industry, this one man brought about a revolution that changed how the stock market operates.

Understand Your Super Through the First Book of the Bible

Does the Bible say anything about Super? Here are three key things you need to know, according to superannuation expert Warren Bird.

“Shop Around”: Energy Boss’ Winter Warning

With winter looming amid rising energy costs, let’s look at some ways to keep warm without breaking the budget.

What Our Bank Statements Can Tell Us About Our Faith in God

As you look at your bank statements, what does your balance and your habits tell you about your walk of faith?

Can Someone Please Explain How Money Works?

It’s not what we do or what we own that gives us value. It’s who we have in our life, writes Sam Chan from Espresso Theology.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Family Finances

Financial advisor Alex Cook from Wealth With Purpose shares some Biblically based advice for managing your family finances.

Your Community’s Best Budgeting and Money Saving Tips

As the cost of living has started to rise, we asked people like you for their top budgeting and money-saving tips (save this article for a rainy day!)

Home Loans and Rate Hike Pain: “It Will Rise For Some Time”

Australians feel the pinch as the Reserve Bank lifts interest rates for the first time in more than a decade. Here’s the rundown.

The Metaverse Will Mean More to Gen Alpha Than Any Other Generation

The first movers of the Metaverse just might be Generation Alpha – the most technologically integrated generation of our lifetime.

Consumer Expectations When Transitioning to a Cashless Society

The convenience of digital payments means that purchase of products and services online are expected to rise compared to in-store.

“Teach Them Early”: An Expert’s Guide to Kids and Money

New research shows that while most Australian parents want to teach their children about finance, many don’t know where to start.

The Six Biggest Money Challenges Faced by Women

Financial planner, Helen Baker, explains the 6 most prominent money challenges that are (mostly) unique to women, and some tips to get ahead.

The #1 Money Regret Most Australians Have About Their Finances

The topic of financial health is one that many Australians put off for another day, and many Aussies don’t have much saved up for a rainy day.

Cashing In: What Blockchain Will Mean For Our Dollars and Cents

With institutions all the way across the financial sector moving towards these new digital currencies, the question of cash remains a significant one.

Inside Bitcoin: A Beginner’s Guide to the World’s Favourite – and Most Mysterious – Digital Currency

It is the online currency that’s soaring in value – but what is Bitcoin? And will you need it in the future?

Aussies Still Saving Amidst the Pandemic

According to McCrindle Research, despite the challenges presented this year, two in five Australians have managed to save more money than usual in 2020.

New Year Challenge

Thinking about our plans and expectations for the year? I would like to challenge you to think about raising the bar when it comes to your finances.