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Meet the Australian Surgeon Changing the Lives of Women in Africa

Australian Dr Andrew Browning has operated on more than 7000 women and he’s telling his story in a new book called ‘A Doctor in Africa’.

Cannibals, Kanakas & Florence Young

In 1904, a tall, slender, well dressed woman stepped ashore on the cannibal-infested island of Malaita, in the Solomon Islands group.

Adorable “MAF Kids” Star in Colin Buchanan’s Latest Song, for Dads

Beloved Aussie singer-songwriter-childrens’ entertainer teamed up with Mission Aviation Fellowship – better known as MAF – to write a song.

Local Manly Pastor says the African Church is Thriving

Across the city evangelists visited prisons, schools, and hospitals, receiving more than 5500 decision cards from people who wanted to follow Jesus.

Thousands Gather to Share the Gospel in Mombasa, Kenya

To enable local churches to continue sharing the Gospel message, these missionary teams are currently in Mombasa, working to mobilise evangelists.

Meeting the real Mrs Gladys Staines

Mrs Gladys Staines made me feel normal, somehow. Like I didn’t have to pretend, and I didn’t have to improve, to be in her company.

Aussie Missionary Story Now a Feature Film Starring Stephen Baldwin

The tragic yet inspiring story of Australian missionary Graham Staines is one that will never be forgotten by India’s Christian community, who have suffered persecution for decades.