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The Flip Side of Empathy

When empathy is at work, there are a few traps that can prevent us from actually caring about others properly.

What Are You Grateful For?

Research suggests that it takes as little as three weeks of practising gratitude to train our brain to look out for the positive.

Year 12 Exam Stress is Crushing Me! Help!

Learning to manage our stress through periods of heightened stress like Year 12 exams, is a helpful life-skill. Here are some expert tips.

What is Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy?

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is a therapeutic modality that has been proven to be effective in treating a wide range of conditions.

Reducing Black and White Thinking – And Living With Grey

While black and white thinking can give us a sense of certainty and clarity, life hardly ever fits neatly into one of two categories.

How to Build a Strong Support Network: 3 Keys

Our social wellness plays a very big role in our physical and mental health. Here are some keys to building a strong quality support network.

Recognising Burnout in the Helping Professions

What happens when those in the helping professions began to tire, and the demands of our roles leave us feeling depleted and overwhelmed?

Return to the Present Using Mindfulness

The more we spend time ruminating on the future or the past, the harder it is to be in the best position to deal with life’s challenges.

The Balance Wheel: A Simple Resilience Tool for Times of Stress

At times when stress hits us hard, we may need some quick and practical resilience tools. Enter, the ‘Balance Wheel’.

As a Christian Bloke, Here’s What I’ve Learned About Difficult Emotions

We blokes often struggle with our emotions more than females do. Here are 11 lessons I’ve learned about dealing well with difficult emotions.

Journalling: 5 Tips to Use Your Journal More Effectively

Journaling is often recommended as a psychological tool to help improve one’s mood and anxiety. Here are a few tips to guide your process.

Does the Church Support those Suffering with Mental Illness?

“If there’s stigma and shame around mental health, they’re not going to talk to the church… they’ll think we’re going to judge them.”

Thinking of Getting Therapy? Here’s 4 Reasons to Act Now

While starting therapy with a psychologist may seem daunting, the sooner you act the better, say the experts.

Pastors Are Burning Out – But Churches Can Help Prevent It

Approximately 35 per cent of pastors had “seriously considered” quitting, according to research from clinical psychologist Valerie Ling.

Three Things to Get Right When Your Work Feels ‘Meh’

The job that you were once so excited to have landed no longer sparks the same joy. What can you do about it?

New Lifeline Toolkit to Help People Who Aren’t Ready to Speak Up Yet

Lifelines’ digital toolkit helps those going through tough circumstances or mental health struggles, as well as people caring for others.

Healthy Individuals Create Healthy Marriages

The health of a marriage is determined by individual health, so we need to care for our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual fitness.

5 Tips on How to Stop Being a Doormat

Some of us may have the misunderstanding that as long as we are really, really, really nice to others, people will like us.