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How to Identify Faulty Thinking

Once we can identify which types of faulty thinking we are using, we can reframe, and take a more balanced perspective.

A Holistic Approach to Self Care

Holistic self-care is good stewardship that gives us the strength, resilience, and clarity required to effectively serve God and others.

Why Perfectionism is Not Really Perfect

As a psychologist, I have to say that a huge chunk of my time is actually spent helping clients learn to be less perfect.

Embracing Sensitivity: Mastering Life as a Highly Sensitive Person

A highly sensitive person is someone with heightened sensitivity to sensory and social stimuli, as well as emotions.

Why the World Needs More Emotionally Healthy Pastors

Most pastors are good-hearted, humble and authentic. But what keeps them like that? What guides them in staying true to their moral compass?

A Christian Response to Suicide: Learning from the Past

When it comes to handling suicide, the church has made its greatest mistakes when it has not allowed pain to touch its own heart.

Beat Procrastination: Manage Perfectionism to Boost Productivity

There may be many reasons behind procrastination, but here we focus on the management of procrastination as a result of perfectionism.

Group Therapy: 5 Key Benefits

Therapy groups can provide a safe place for members to normalise their shared experiences – and to feel seen and heard.

5 Ways to Develop Hobbies

Having fun by engaging in hobbies is a great antidote for stress. This is especially true when we face stress of the chronic, long-term kind.

End of Year Overwhelm

Feeling end of year exhaustion, and looking to the uncertain future, can lead to the double Ds: Discouragement and Doubt. Ever felt this way?

Boxing Day Blah

After the festive fun of Christmas, Boxing Day can feel a bit blah. It makes me wonder what the first Boxing Day was like.

Lifeline Releases Free Mental Health Guide for Holiday Season

Lifeline has a hub of articles, quizzes, testimonials and resources to help us have a healthier, happier holiday season.

Make Sure You Rest and Recharge Before a New Year

Do get the chance to properly rest over the break? And if you do, do you find that you continue to feel tired and fatigued into the new year?

The Holiday Survival Guide

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. A time of both joy and stress. Here are some tips for good mental wellbeing in the Christmas holidays.

Managing Sensory Challenges Through the Festive Season

For both children and adults who experience sensory sensitivities, Christmas can be an uncomfortable or overwhelming time.

The Psychological Impacts of Retirement

For some, retirement can raise feelings of aimlessness and loneliness, particularly if you had a job that gave you a sense of purpose.

How Death-Anxiety Impacts on Mental Health, and How to Live Life to the Full

If death anxiety is bubbling under our unconscious, and if some of our coping strategies are harmful, how can we help ourselves through it?

8 Tips for Healthy Social Media Use

While social media offers opportunities for social interaction and information sharing, it can also impact on our mental health.