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There’s a Word for What I’m Experiencing: Wintering. Maybe You’re Feeling it Too

‘Wintering’ is a word for those times when life turns cold, through crisis or loss, and we find ourselves living at a slower pace to everyone else.

Michelle McLaughlin: Finding Hope After Losing a Child

Grief brought Michelle and David to their knees – but they had to remain strong for their other children… they refused to give up.

“Create Your Own Funeral”: An Easy Approach to a Tough Subject

A new website allows you to plan your own funeral and create a personal space for loved ones to visit after you’ve passed away.

‘The Starling’ Shows Us We Can Overcome Grief in Many Ways

‘The Starling’ is about expectant parents Lily and Jack (Chris O’Dowd), who soon after giving birth to their daughter Katie lose her to SIDS.

When Should We Use Our Power to Choose? – ‘Blackbird’ Discusses Euthanasia

Blackbird is a movie that captures the emotions of a family respectfully trying accept loss, but also puts a very superficial take on the complex issue of assisted dying.

Grief is the Honour We Give to Those Who Loved Us Well

Even though it hurts, maybe grief is the highest honour we can give to someone who loved us well.

Remembering The Baby We Lost: Singer Chris Sebastian Opens Up About His Song, ‘Soon’

“To the men… It’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. And to the women… Surround yourself with love… with people.”