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5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Gardening

I thought growing a veggie garden would be easy. Here are the five things I wish I knew before I started…

Slow Down into the New Year

This year, while everyone around me is setting big goals, I feel a need to slow down into the new year, to take an unhurried approach.

10 Indoor Activities For Summer

Sometimes the best option at the height of summer is to stay indoors and enjoy the air-con. Here are some activities to keep you occupied.

8 Outdoor Activities For The Summer Holidays

When you’ve made it to the end of Netflix and watched everything at the cinema, it’s time to take the kids outdoors with these activity ideas.

“You Choose Your Hard” – Or Do You?

There is a popular social media post doing the rounds that says “You Choose Your Hard.” But there’s something it’s missing…

Homelessness: “It Could Never Happen To Me…”

Hidden homelessness is something that affects so many people; there is likely someone you know who is affected, writes Lorrene McClymont.

Why Am I So Tired

Do you ever sleep a full eight hours only to wake up tired, only to repeat the cycle the next night, and wonder what on earth is going on?

Counting my Blessings, Or, How to be Thankful

Sometimes it’s hard to see blessings when everything is going wrong. That’s when it’s time to be thankful, starting with the small things.

New Year, Old Me – Can Anyone Relate?

What if it’s a new year but it feels like the very same old you? It happens more than we talk about, writes Lorrene McClymont.

How Did I Get Here?

You know that feeling. You are sailing along with life, something happens that is not your choice and you think, “How did I get here?”

Practise Being Still

We live in a constantly connected world. It’s not a bad thing necessarily, but some of us have lost the art of being still, writes Lorrene McClymont.

Empty Nesters, New Beginnings – Tips for Your New-Look Relationship

Lorrene McClymont shares some thoughts on strengthening your relationship with your partner when you become empty nesters.

Comparison Steals

If you can focus on where you are going and what you feel you are supposed to be doing, encouragement comes from the most surprising sources.

How to Do the Things…….. From a Champion Procrastinator

Do you ever get completely overwhelmed and consequently do none of the things you set out to achieve? Try these tips to beat procrastination!

Grab Your Confidence

When you’re feeling insecure, look around you at the good things that you have and make a decision to grab hold of your confidence.