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Try a Little Kindness – The Results Can Be Surprising

Offering a kind word can not only make someone’s day better, but knowing someone is thinking about them, can make all the difference in the world.

The Power of Kindness

Are you intentional about being kind, or do you wait for opportunities? Here’s why kindness is so important, and how you can be more kind.

Be Part of ‘Kind July’ and Do One Kind Thing Every Day

Kind July was launched in 2019 and this year’s campaign will focus on inspiring and encouraging kindness in the pandemic.

You Can Be Coming Last and Be Winning at Life

Winners don’t always make the most money or have the biggest followings on social media, they could even look like the definition of a loser.

How to Teach Your Children Empathy – and Why It Matters

A world of empathy is one where people feel safe, secure, and connected. Here are 3 ways we can teach kids that other perspectives and other people, matter.

‘50 Shades Brighter’ – The Kindness Campaign

In the wake of devastating violence, the ’50 Shades Brighter’ Kindness Campaign was birthed to make sure terrorism doesn’t get the final say.