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The Velveteen Rabbit Comes to Life on the Big Screen

The bond between the 7-year-old William and his latest toy, a velveteen rabbit, is at the centre of this coming-of-age story.

The Super Mario Bros Movie Best For Fans Only [Movie Review]

The Super Mario Bros movie tries so hard to be faithful to the original stories, it’s inaccessible to non-gamers, writes Russ Matthews.

‘Slumberland’ a Dreamworld Fantasy for the Kids

With vibrant colours, a youth protagonist, and a story of make-believe dreams and siblings play-acting, ‘Slumberland’ is great for the kids.

Minions: The Rise of Gru [Movie Review]

The back-story of Gru and his desire be a super-villain reflects the basic human need to be wanted and accepted by one’s peers, says Reel Dialogue.

Lightyear: Pixar’s Back With its Toy Story Spinoff [Movie Review]

The Toy Story franchise and Lightyear are built on the value of community: Buzz only survives through the support of his friends, writes Russ Matthews.

Desperate to Make the Dream Work Paid Off for ‘The Bad Guys’ Creator Aaron Blabey

Picked up by Dreamworks animation, The Bad Guys has just had an incredible cinema run in Australia, making over $13 million at the box office.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 [Movie Review]

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a delightfully goofy flick; with Schwartz’s performance bringing just as much fun as he did in the first film, writes Oli Phillips.

The Bad Guys – Movie Review

In a world where humans and animals coexist, a legendary group of criminals collectively called ‘The Bad Guys’ roams the streets. Russ Matthews reviews.

‘Bright Ones’ Teaches Kids a Better Way to Pursue the Creative Arts

Bright Ones encourages kids to enjoy their natural talents but also see God’s greater purpose in how they use them to serve others.

‘Trolls: World Tour’ is the Feel-Good-Glitter-Hype Your Family Needs this Year

If you weren’t on a hyperactive sugar high before watching Trolls: World Tour, you’ll certainly feel like you’re immersed in one afterwards.

‘The Secret Garden’ — A Place to Heal Together, In a Year of Being Forced Apart

The Secret Garden shows the healing power of togetherness and how even the most barren areas of our lives can find growth again.

A Little Blue Alien Proves Friendship Can Melt the Hardest Heart, in ‘Jungle Beat’

Jungle Beat is perfect for young kids finding their way in the world, and will leave them wanting to embrace people who don’t feel like they fit in.