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Ageing and Justice go Hand-in-Hand, Say Media Pals Melissa Doyle and Naima Brown

Meeting on the set of Channel 7’s flagship program ‘Sunday Night’, Melissa and Naima have penned an empowering guide for women ageing.

Let’s Talk About The Voice – and the Christian Ideas It Raises

The Voice to Parliament referendum is a chance for a deeper conversation about ideas which are at the heart of the Christian faith.

Women’s Justice and Mercy Ministries: Celebrating the Church’s Unsung Heroes

A fascinating new podcast and e-book, ‘More Than a Cake Stall’, tells the story of women’s work in justice and mercy ministries.

The God of Justice

God is certainly a God of justice. God’s love and his justice are not different things, nor are they two sides of the same coin: they are the same thing.

Why Sweet Revenge Is Actually Bitter

Unfortunately revenge, while it feels good in a fleeting moment, ultimately leaves us feeling even more empty and angry than before.

Healing the Wounds of Jesus’ Followers

An investigation into Ravi Zacharias who was found to have systematically groomed vulnerable women over many years has left many believers bleeding.

Act Justly and Love Mercy

Here are 5 questions Christians who want to be following in the footsteps of Jesus in today’s world can be asking themselves.

Cardinal George Pell Verdict: Explained

The 78-year-old will continue to serve his six-year sentence handed down in March this year, and will remain in prison until October 2022.