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Joy and Peace

In this verse of Romans, the apostle reveals a vital spiritual principle: God can fill you with all joy and all peace.

“Go at the Speed of Joy,” He Said. But Could I?

Six words dropped into my mind as if from heaven: “Go at the speed of joy”. I’ve been trying to put them into practice ever since.

Lost Your Joy? This One Principle Could Be a Game Changer

If you are always thinking about ‘not having enough’ or what is ‘going wrong’ – you are just asking for more of the same, writes Rachel Reva.

The Reason to Rejoice

Whether you are in a time of rejoicing or a time of suffering, you will always have a reason to rejoice, writes Dr Eliezer Gonzalez.

Why We Love the Corn Kid So Much

Uncorrupted by the trials of life, yet to become cynical, this kid innocently expresses his love for something as simple as corn covered in butter.

7 Ways to Take Back Christmas

Use these 7 strategies to beat the Christmas Grinch as you navigate the season and take back your Christmas!

Work was Given to Adam and Eve Before “The Fall” – How the Mundane Can Be Meaningful

Authors Shannon Vandewarker and Denise Daniels’ new book considers how Christians can enhance their everyday occupation through spiritual intention.

Religion Can Be Deadly

If you are a Christian, take a moment to joy-check your religion. And if you’re not, could you be missing out on real and lasting happiness in your life?

How To Be Happy (According to Jesus)

Every person who’s ever been born into this world has pursued happiness, but not all have found it. Here’s the secret according to Jesus.

Harvest of Joy

Nothing in my circumstances had changed- I was still sitting in the dirt and dust of deep heartache, but for a split second, I felt the smallest amount of joy.