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Was Jesus a Failure?

There are still wars and strife all over the world. So does this mean that Jesus failed in his mission to transform humanity?

How Did Nepo Babies Become A Thing?

A “nepo baby” is a child of a famous parent who succeeds in that parent’s industry. Usually in arts and entertainment…

In the Search for Greatness, Which Tree Will You Be?

Often we want to be lilke a mighty tree… but Jesus teaches us that the path to greatness is the path of the tiny mustard seed.

Peter Pan Syndrome and a Challenge to ‘Adult’

Do you ever wake up wanting to live like Peter Pan? You know the child who never grew up and frolicked in Neverland?

The Action-Packed Movie Fast-X is Boring? Really?

Vin Diesel and his buddies look great, flex their muscles, and drive fast cars. But critics of Fast-X complain that there’s no story…

The Bond of Brothers

There is a reason why Jesus used the word brotherhood to describe the relationships among his disciples, says Russ Matthews.

Is Space Really the Final Frontier?

While Jean Luc Picard is not quite fully human, and not quite fully AI, the Bible tells us that Jesus is both fully human and fully God.

Who Do You Imitate?

Maybe it’s worth looking at the life of Jesus and learning from him – for he might be the best one to imitate.

‘The Chosen’ Aussie Cast Member George Xanthis Says Playing John is “Meditative”

“I knew about Jesus coming from a history in the Greek Orthodox faith but hearing it in this way is definitely a highlight.”

You Have the Power, But Are You Willing?

What we are willing to do or not do, impacts others. What if we used our power on behalf of the powerless?

This Too Shall Pass

Life is filled with moments of change, both good and bad. In those times, it’s important to have an unchanging anchor.

Is Barbie Fake?

Did you know they almost ran out of pink paint making the Barbie movie? That’s because things had to look really fake.

Superheroes: Imaginary Pointers to Something Real

What if the ideals of superheroes – power, sacrifice, compassion and justice – were brought together in a real-life superhero?

Why Don’t Motorcyclists Nod to Scooters?

As humans there’ll always be an “us” and a “them”. But Jesus says to love everyone. Especially those who don’t ‘nod’ back!

Podcasting: Is This the Next Testament?

Via podcasts, the truths of the Bible are being rediscovered and re-presented for a new culture, a new generation, a new people of God.

Why Are My Allergies Trying to Kill Me?

Why do we have allergies? Because our body’s own immune system is attacking itself. Sometimes we do that to ourselves emotionally, too.

Let’s Talk About The Voice – and the Christian Ideas It Raises

The Voice to Parliament referendum is a chance for a deeper conversation about ideas which are at the heart of the Christian faith.

Do I Really Need to Do 10,000 Steps Per Day?

The problem with these numbers is that it never feels like I’m doing enough! Not eating or sleeping enough. Not doing enough steps…