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Why Does My Wife Restack the Dishwasher?

When I stack the dishwasher, my wife re-stacks it. I can never get it right! So I simply give up. I think some of us are like that with God.

Why This Happens at School Reunions

Ever had the experience of attending a school reunion where someone didn’t remember you at all? Sam Chan reflects.

The Centre of the Universe – Jesus

People often think that they are the centre of the universe. Christianity takes a very different view about who and what is at the centre.

Guarding God’s Reputation

Have you ever heard a preacher speaker express a view about God that made you think, “Well, that makes God sound petty and small”?

Fast Food? Jesus Would Make a Meal Out of It

Jesus probably wasn’t too fussy about what he ate. He even did some fast food eating himself one time… grain on the run.

What Would Jesus Say to Leaders?

The whole point of being a leader is to ‘eat last’; to serve; to sacrifice your personal good for the gain of the team, writes Sam Chan.

What Shall We Do About Our Coffee Snobbery?

In the Bible, Jesus says sin is being confident of your own righteousness and looking down on others is a sin. Does that make coffee snobbery, sinful?

The Reason to Rejoice

Whether you are in a time of rejoicing or a time of suffering, you will always have a reason to rejoice, writes Dr Eliezer Gonzalez.

Getting Rid of the Cross

There are many people who try to get rid of the Cross, and in many different ways, and not all of them are atheists, writes Dr Eliezer Gonzalez.

Life On Mission is About Three Simple Things

Your friends don’t need another world-changing evangelist, they need you—and talking to them about Jesus is easier than you might think.

The Day the Queen Met the King

Last week, the Queen, who had so often heard the term “Your Majesty” spoken to her, would have spoken them to someone else. The one true King.

Saved, With Scars – That Jesus Can Heal

How do you see your scars? Repulsive? Shameful? Embarrassing? Jesus isn’t afraid to touch our scars… He is able to heal them, writes Danni Synot.

Why the World Hates Vegemite

We only love vegemite because it’s Australian… The rest of the world doesn’t love Vegemite – because they’re not Australian. Sam Chan ponders.

Why You Mustn’t Miss the Start of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’

Elvis lived a full life because he wasn’t afraid, so the movie says – but Elvis also died at 42. Was it a life half life lived? Sam Chan ponders.

Should We Live the Iphone or Android Way?

A recent report that Android users are safer drivers than iPhone users got podcaster Andrew Laird thinking about the nature of humanity…

Why We Stockpile Toilet Paper!

It’s hard to imagine being more desperate than that moment when you run out of loo roll. It can teach us something about our humanity, writes Sam Chan.

8 Glasses of Water… A Myth

Living Water is what Jesus gives us… A filled life. A fulfilled life. “Give me 8 glasses of that per day”, writes Sam Chan.

Sesame Street and Jesus

Reaching out to children and capturing their attention was not new with creators of Sesame Street’s and the Muppets. Jesus set the example.