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The Chosen, Season Four: Sneak Peek

As The Chosen Season 4 approaches, we’ve had the chance to watch the opening episodes ahead of their limited run in cinemas.

What is Your Operating System?

What is your operating system, for life? Where do you go to find beauty? Or purpose? Or peace? How do you make meaningful connections?

Busting Unhealthy Boundaries and Barriers

The story of Peter and Cornelius challenges us to re-evaluate our prejudices and barriers, writes Eliezer Gonzalez.

The Mind of Christ – Devotion

This transformation of our mind is a significant theme through the letters of the apostle Paul. He calls us to have the “mind of Christ.”

The Perfect Christmas Gift | A Devotion

Pause a moment in the festivities of Christmas Day, and remember that we have already received the perfect gift.

What Questions Did Jesus Ask?

If you want to be like Jesus, ask questions. The kind of questions Jesus asks in the gospels are fascinating and penetrating.

Giving is Not Just for Christmas

The main gift God offers to all at Christmas, is the Gospel, the good news of heaven’s willing bankruptcy of itself that we might live.

Christmas Devotion – God is With Us

Until that first Christmas people had a sneaking suspicion that God was ‘for’ us, but after Christmas they knew – God is actually ‘with’ us.

Kim’s Convenience, and Asian Dad Stereotypes

Like most sitcom family dads, Appa from ‘Kim’s Convenience’ is a bumbling goofball. But there’s a hole in his heart, writes Sam Chan.

Greatest Showman Meets the Messiah in ‘The Journey to Bethlehem’ [Movie Review]

It takes plenty of license, but ‘The Journey to Bethlehem’ is great for those wanting to introduce friends and family to the Christmas story.

People are Deconstructing their Faith. Here’s How to Respond

If you or someone you know is going through a process of deconstruction in their faith, here are some things to remember.

Why Should You Share About Jesus?

Jesus said to his 12 friends, “Go tell everyone! Don’t keep this to yourself.” This call wasn’t meant just for them. It was for you too!

Behind the Scenes of Christmas Musical ‘Journey to Bethlehem’

“There’s a lot of darkness in the world and this movie is a bright light [that] shines a light on the ultimate bright light which is Christ.”

Birkenstocks are Hot Right Now… Wait, But How?

Birkenstocks are all the rage. Wait, but how? When I wore Birkenstocks 20 years ago, they were super daggy…

Fans of ‘The Chosen’ Debate Humility Versus Red Carpet Fame

Jonathan Roumie was captured walking the red carpet at a special screening at Europe’s biggest cinema where he received mixed reviews.

Your “Ordinary” Makes Life Meaningful, Says ‘Jesus And’ Author Robert Fergusson

Hillsong Church pastor Robert Fergusson has long been curious about the relationship between Jesus and his “everyday” followers.

What is the Taylor Swift Effect? Just Ask Travis Kelce and Seemingly Ranch

At a Chiefs game, Taylor was seen eating chicken with two sauces – ketchup and what one fan called “seemingly ranch”. It went viral.

‘The Chosen’ Gives First Look at Season 4 to be Released in Cinemas

Australian and NZ fans of ‘The Chosen’ Can Experience Episodes of Season 4 in Cinema Starting February 1, 2024.