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Stuck in a Tunnel

Your dark tunnel may be a period of depression, a time of mourning, or a season where nothing seems to go right…

Unlimited: Christ’s Greatest Promise

Jesus pledged, that all your sins, no matter how grievous, can be forgiven. There is no sin under heaven so terrible that it cannot be forgiven.

A Familiar Story for the Eternal Problem of Suffering

Philosophers, scientists and theologians have all sought to understand the problem of evil. The Bible offers a narrative that makes sense of it.

Why Are So Many Young Childless Men Getting the Snip? Because Hope Has Been Cut Off.

Young men in droves are getting the snip. And often their reason, is that the world is running out of hope and why would you want to bring a child into it?

Jakki Overcame Abuse and Wants to Help Others Break Free

Having experienced decades of abusive relationships, Jakki Civeriati began to learn powerful tools to help her break free.

Moving Beyond Resilience to Steadfastness in the Face of Life’s Most Difficult Storms

Dr Ross James believes that steadfastness is a more accurate term than resilience to describe the people carrying out God’s purpose.

‘The Starling’ Shows Us We Can Overcome Grief in Many Ways

‘The Starling’ is about expectant parents Lily and Jack (Chris O’Dowd), who soon after giving birth to their daughter Katie lose her to SIDS.

England’s Wall of Hope: “We’re Building a Legacy”

A charity is seeking public support to build a unique monument that will be a testament to the power of faith and the belief in prayer.

The Treasures of Darkness

Not everything about darkness is bad. There are things – treasures – you can see in darkness that you will never see in the light.

Pope Francis Spreads Hope in a Historic Tour

Within the rubble and ruins of war-torn Iraq, Pope Francis has implored the nation’s downtrodden people to never give up.

Pandemics, Plans and Expectations

Social distancing, restrictions, unemployment..our world has changed. But one thing has not – the love of God for humanity expressed through his son, Jesus.

You Are Not Alone in The Journey of Life

When you’re going through dark valleys in your journey through life, there is a Shepherd who is with you, whose peace, mercies and grace pursue you.

Why Think? A Tribute to Ravi Zacharias

Thinking about life’s biggest questions was the heart and passion of the late Ravi Zacharias. We discuss how to find hope and meaning in a difficult world.

Wear Hope-Coloured Glasses

When we’re seeing people through God’s love and hope-filled eyes, people are no longer an inconvenience, but walking miracles.

Hope Even in a Pandemic

God hears you and all of your thoughts and worries. You can put your hope and trust in Him that He will sustain you and never leave you.

8 Steps to Share Hope on Instagram

Sharing hope on social media is super simple and an incredible opportunity in our current circumstances. Here’s 8 steps to guide you through.

What We Mean When We Say God is in Control During a Pandemic

In the great debate of how exactly divine sovereignty and human free will interact, here are three things we can be sure of.

Good News in A Pandemic of Failed Plans

What plans have you had cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic? If you are feeling thrown and disorientated, there is hope still.