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Real-Life ‘Hunger Games’: How Sean Turnell Survived 650 Days in a Myanmar Prison

When the military overthrew Suu Kyi’s government in 2021, Sean was arrested and illegally imprisoned for 650 days.

Destiny Rescue Reaches 14,000 Milestone

Destiny Rescue have changed 14,000 lives since 2001 and with improving technology, they’re seeing more and more rescues.

Are The Female Fanbase Key to Taylor Swift’s Success?

Concerned by how much power Taylor Swift has? Though “Swifties” are passionate, they’re still a discerning audience.

Sustaining Hope in the Midst of Conflict: Pray for Ukraine

We would value prayer for individuals as they struggle with a life that many of us can never imagine, says Stephen Young.

Stan Drama ‘Prosper’ Confronts Collision of Faith and Immorality

In church settings where it’s easy to get caught up in personalities and platform, self-checking your focus is important.

Infertility: Could Community & Prayer Help Cure the Hidden Pain?

With almost 40 contributors from a variety of cultures, the devotional spans the breadth of dynamics at play when you confront infertility.

Aussie Population Reaches 27 Million, 30 Years Early

With one new Australian being added to the population count every 50 seconds, we could reach 28 million in August 2025.

“We’re so proud to come back” for KING + COUNTRY Return

Aussie brothers Luke and Joel Smallbone of for KING + COUNTRY are returning to Australia for The Homecoming Tour this May / June.

Ukraine is Still Standing, and it Needs Your Help

Dr Rudolf Myhovych, Head of Christian Medical Fellowship of Ukraine, believes it’s a miracle Ukrainians are still standing strong.

Grammys’ Christian Winners: “Gratitude Floods My Soul”

US Christian hip-hop star Lecrae picked up two gongs at the awards, while legendary Gospel artist Kirk Franklin snagged his 20th.

King Charles Has Cancer: “He Remains Positive”

Prince William will take on more duties, and Prince Harry has travelled to London, after the devastating diagnosis.

Why You Should Always Bring Your Spirituality to Work

Pointing to the building blocks of Genesis, Kara Martin encourages us to recognise God as our maker and what he created us to participate in.

Can Minds Be Changed in an Era of Stubbornness?

We have this natural comfort when we’re with those who agree with us, yet that’s what causes us to stop seeing things differently.

Christian Persecution on the Rise Globally, but Hope Exists

365 million Christians are suffering for their faith. Open Doors’ vision is that no Christian suffers persecution alone.

How Do Interest Rates Work (and When Will the Pain End?)

Hope Podcast ‘Money: Faith and Finance’ answers the question everyone is asking: how long will these high interest rates last?

Emmys Speech Highlights Motherhood as a Superpower

While pregnancy and motherhood have their challenges, this life-changing experience also brings out a unique strength in a woman.

Yes, It is Still Possible to Disagree Well

There is a community that is striving to see the love of Jesus change hostile debates into meaningful discussions.

Defying Limitations is a Choice for Paralympian Matt Levy

Matt Levy OAM says it’s important we understand the full scope of someone’s ability beyond their perceived limitations.