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An Evolving Faith is What Prevents a Dying One – Rend Collective

Rend Collective’s latest single ‘Hallelujah Anyway’ is their answer to the challenges and uncomfortable experiences in Christian life.

Pastors Are Burning Out – But Churches Can Help Prevent It

Approximately 35 per cent of pastors had “seriously considered” quitting, according to research from clinical psychologist Valerie Ling.

‘The Little Mermaid’ is a Disney Tale for Our Times

The live action version is “an underwater musical” about a young mermaid who wants to bridge the gap between two divided peoples.

Rise of EVs: “Three Types of Cars Will Become Extinct”

With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular, a car auction platform has made a bold prediction about the future of traditional cars.

‘Book Club: The Next Chapter’ – Resets Views on Ageing

The plot is simplistic, but there’s joy in these four characters pushing back on the idea that life gets less interesting as you get older.

The Volunteer Organisation Serving God by Repairing Dilapidated Churches

Mobile Mission Maintenance works on churches and other buildings used for Christian outreach, relieving ministers of this work.

Rev Tim Keller 1950-2023: “We Take Comfort in His Last Words”

The much-loved cancer-stricken minister passed away while under hospice care, surrounded by his loved ones.

New Lifeline Toolkit to Help People Who Aren’t Ready to Speak Up Yet

Lifelines’ digital toolkit helps those going through tough circumstances or mental health struggles, as well as people caring for others.

Budget 2023-24: “Relief for Those in Need”

The Albanese Government’s second budget is in, and it aims to help those doing it tough amid high cost-of-living pressures.

National Volunteer Week: “A Way to Give Back”

This year the week celebrates the “change” made by the more than five million Australians who regularly put up their hand to help.

Understand Your Super Through the First Book of the Bible

Does the Bible say anything about Super? Here are three key things you need to know, according to superannuation expert Warren Bird.

Mother’s Day can be “Heartbreaking” for Many

For those who have lost mothers, it can be difficult to “escape” from Mother’s Day, but there are still ways to honour their mothers.

How to Grieve Someone You’ve Never Met

Despite most of us never having met him, Jock Zonfrillo was a beloved part of TV viewing households across the country.

“Shop Around”: Energy Boss’ Winter Warning

With winter looming amid rising energy costs, let’s look at some ways to keep warm without breaking the budget.

What Subtitles Say About Our Changing Viewing Habits

Subtitles used to just be for those who are hard of hearing, but they are now becoming more normalalised and there are many benefits to this.

“Time of Comfort”: Your Guide to Anzac Day

As the country unites to remember all of those who served, here’s a guide to the nation’s services and commemorations.

Chaplain Raewyn Elsegood on How God Sustains Her After Losing Daughter

In early 2021, Raewyn was told to rush her 18-year-old daughter Amy to emergency immediately, after a routine blood test.

“Global Domination” of the Gospel Begins with an Effective Youth Ministry

The internet has made it easier to get resources into the hands of every young person if they’ve got a smartphone.