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Wrestling with History in an Age That Disregards it

As a society are we are losing our historical literacy, or our ability to engage in moral reasoning about history?

History of the Most Famous Christmas Carols

Have you thought about where Christmas carols originated? We searched the history of ‘Silent Night’, ‘O Holy Night’ and ‘Joy to the World’.

Why We Must Remember our Christian History

History is needed. Even our Christian history. It is needed in all its gore and glory. We learn from it, and we lean into the future secured by its weight.

New Podcast Tells Australia’s Food History, One Ingredient at a Time

A new series tells stories about Australian food through the Powerhouse collection – from First Nations cooking practices, to food trends today.

The Making of the Western Mind Goes Back to the Cross, Says Author

John Anderson joins author and historian Tom Holland in his London home to discuss Christianity’s role in shaping Western civilisation.

Australia’s Christian History Takes Centre Stage in New Book

Dr Paul Roe’s book ‘Tell Me Another: A Storyteller’s Search for Australia’s Lost Faith’ looks at the importance of sharing everyone’s stories.

The Story of Australia’s First Saint, Mary MacKillop, Children and The Poor

In a stiff, strict world where no excuses were tolerated, Mary MacKillop’s kindness was remarkable, and her life was one of service, love and humility.

The History of Holden – Henry James Holden

The Holden family made a significant contribution to the development of Australian manufacturing and to the shaping of the South Australian economy.

The Haunting Questions Of “The Tattooist Of Auschwitz”

How did millions of cultured, otherwise decent Germans – and others – stoop to such wickedness? How did they perpetrate the holocaust?

Jindi Cheese – World’s Best Cheese and It’s Aussie Christian Heritage

The life of Jindi Cheese founder George Ronalds highlights the rewards of passion and perseverance in achieving beyond what could be hoped for or imagined.

Do You Know the Coca-Cola Story and the Christian Connection?

The flowing copperplate script with red and white colours is a logo that is recognisable around the world, but how much of it’s history is known?

The History of Revival

What does it mean to make history? Nelson Mandela, Pelé, Mother Teresa, and Albert Einstein are all names which are instantly recognisable to many of us.

Christianity is Global, Only Because Regular People Have Said ‘Yes’ to God

How did Christianity travel across the globe? Because people decided to take the message of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

Big Hair Days – Heritage Christian Artists Still Top Charts

Doug MacFarlane, Kathy Johnston, and Rosanna and David Palmer from Rosanna’s Raiders are just some of the artists that have never left their callings.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood’ [Movie Review]

This is a Gentle Film about an unlikely start. But if you don’t know who Fred Rogers is, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is a really strange movie.

Hasn’t Archaeology Disproved the Bible?

Is there any archaeological evidence for the Bible or is it all just a fabricated myth? We confront these big questions and more in an entertaining journey.

What is National Christian Heritage Sunday?

A remembrance of the first Christian service held on Australian shores in 1788, National Christian Heritage Sunday is held on the first Sunday in February each year.

Christianity: It’s No Blind Faith – John Dickson on the Latest Historical Evidence for Jesus’ Life

Have you ever asked yourself where the tenets of your Christian faith come from? What are the historical proofs for the Bible you read?