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Not Guilty: Brian Houston Cleared of “Cover-Up”

The Hillsong co-founder has been acquitted on charges of concealing his father’s historical abuse of a 7-year-old boy.

“What I Was Scared to Say is What’s Resonated” – Hillsong Songwriter Benjamin Hastings

Last year, Benjamin Hastings released his self-titled solo project that gradually unpack the emotions he felt around the church’s failings.

What’s Next for Hillsong Churchgoers? Marc Fennell Investigates in ‘The Kingdom’

Walkley winning journalist Marc Fennell hosts the SBS doco ‘The Kingdom’, about Hillsong’s changing place in the Christian landscape.

A “Matter of the Will” to Remain Aware of God’s Goodness in Our Lives – Hillsong’s Ben Fielding

The pandemic has disrupted the practice of worship but Hillsong songwriter Ben Fielding is focused on connecting people to the heart of God through music.

Five Years In The Making: Young & Free’s Alexander Pappas Releases Solo EP ‘Idaho’

Alexander Pappas inadvertently captured the COVID fatigue feeling in his first single, that was actually inspired by pre-pandemic challenges.

What Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston Has Been Charged With: “I Will Defend These Charges”

Hillsong Church co-founder and pastor Brian Houston will face court charges in October over his father Frank’s alleged offences.

How Could This Happen Again? Reflection on Hillsong’s Carl Lentz ‘Fall From Grace’

What has gone wrong? Why are we seeing news of yet another church leader succumbing to marital unfaithfulness? One who had so much richness in his life…

Hillsong Israel – An Unconventional, Contemporary Church in an Ancient Landscape

In what is a highly unconventional move for the region, Hillsong also appointed a woman as the pastor: Catrina Henderson.