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Saved, With Scars – That Jesus Can Heal

How do you see your scars? Repulsive? Shameful? Embarrassing? Jesus isn’t afraid to touch our scars… He is able to heal them, writes Danni Synot.

The Healing Power of Touch

One of the themes of the gospel of Mark is that Jesus touches the untouchable. Where others turn away, Jesus will draw near to you.

The Healing Power of Going Back

There are places in our lives that we haven’t visited in a long time, and to which its good to go back to begin a much needed healing process.

Healing the Wounds of Jesus’ Followers

An investigation into Ravi Zacharias who was found to have systematically groomed vulnerable women over many years has left many believers bleeding.

Patience Through Grief

When we’re processing grief, the bible speaks of trials as a pathway of growth in strength and character, leading to our ultimate hope in Jesus.

Why Mending What’s Broken Always Means Moving

Just as we have to move our physical bodies in order to mend, we have to move in our spirits to heal the wounds we carry there. Moving means mending.

Christian Writer Timothy Keller Asks for Prayer After “Providential” Cancer Diagnosis

Keller is the founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, and author of many books on apologetics and the Christian faith.

Is There an End to Infectious Disease?

An interview with Dr. Justin Denholm, infectious disease consultant and medical director of the Victorian Tuberculosis program.

Being Heard is the First Step to Healing

‘Being heard is the first step to healing.’ These words from Patrick Regan sum up well the TV conversation you’re about to see.

I See You… Miracles Day through the Eyes of Radio Listener Lyn Wake

My story, and the stories of some of the beautiful people and families I met, have been captured in a new three part documentary called ‘I See You’.