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“Go at the Speed of Joy,” He Said. But Could I?

Six words dropped into my mind as if from heaven: “Go at the speed of joy”. I’ve been trying to put them into practice ever since.

Why We Need to Get Serious About Having Fun

Experts say we need to get serious about having fun. But writer Caroline Spencer asks if we’re missing something that is even better.

Perhaps Australia is the Lucky Country After All

Despite the challenges presented in 2020, 85% of Australians say that they are happy when they think about their life overall.

How To Be Happy (According to Jesus)

Every person who’s ever been born into this world has pursued happiness, but not all have found it. Here’s the secret according to Jesus.

5 Ways to Promote Happiness in Your Family

Happiness in your family yields heaps of benefits! Healthier hearts, improved immune systems, decreased stress and less pain being a few.

Want to Feel Happier and Care for the Earth? Do This for Just 20 Seconds a Day

According to new research from the University of Derby and the National Trust, people who stop to notice nature experience higher levels of happiness.