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Religious Freedom Has a Brighter Future with the Launch of ‘Faith NSW’

The major religious groups in NSW have united to form a new peak body, representing their common interests at all levels of government.

Voting on The Voice: Interviews on Both Perspectives

Two respectful “yes” and “no” perspectives to add to your research in making an informed decision on The Voice Referendum.

Let’s Talk About The Voice – and the Christian Ideas It Raises

The Voice to Parliament referendum is a chance for a deeper conversation about ideas which are at the heart of the Christian faith.

Budget 2023-24: “Relief for Those in Need”

The Albanese Government’s second budget is in, and it aims to help those doing it tough amid high cost-of-living pressures.

Does the High Road Still Exist in Australian Politics?

What we recently saw in the NSW state election was somewhat novel: two opposing politicians, arguing the issues, not targeting each other.

Former Prime Minister John Howard on the Queen, Australia and Sport

“Our sense of balance has defined us as a nation and will safeguard our future.” Australia’s 25th prime minister chats about his new book.

How a Humble Western Sydney Pastor Got Canberra’s Attention On Religious Freedom

A suburban pastor organised a rally on religious freedom, then was invited to talk to the Shadow Attorney-General. Yet he doesn’t see himself as political.

Energy Crisis Explained: “A Dangerous Storm”

At the height of winter, an energy crisis has gripped Australia’s East Coast. Here is why, and what’s in store for the future.

The Case For Keeping Religion in Politics

Whether your preferred party won the recent election or not, remember that political parties don’t have ultimate authority, that is the place of God.

Are You Confused About Religious Freedom in Australia? These 3 Short Videos Will Help

Three short videos providing a great explainer about Religious Discrimination in Australia and the Religious Discrimination Bill.

Weary of Politics? A Few Thoughts to Help Christians Avoid Cynicism

Aussies have voted, but many are cynical, including many Christians. Here are 13 thoughts to help you keep perspective.

Where To Snag A ‘Democracy Sausage’ This Saturday

The iconic sausage sizzle has been part of Australia’s election days for years, but the term ‘democracy sausage’ became part of the vernacular around 2012.

Home Loans and Rate Hike Pain: “It Will Rise For Some Time”

Australians feel the pinch as the Reserve Bank lifts interest rates for the first time in more than a decade. Here’s the rundown.

Time to Choose: Your Guide to Election 2022

Still on the fence for the Federal Election? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the pledges and promises of the major two parties.

COVID Self-Tests: Your New Way to Get a Result

As the Government supports more use of RATs, let’s take a look at their effectiveness, how easy it is to find one, and who gets them for free.

Coronavirus: Call for Calm – Helpful Information

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is calling for calm over the coronavirus outbreak, since January 2020, as people strip supermarket shelves.

Scott Morrison Won the Election by ‘Being Himself’

Former Liberal politician, Stephen O’Doherty, says it was the ‘real’ Scott Morrison that people saw which secured the Coalition’s surprise victory.