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Is AI Reinforcing Gender Inequity? These SXSW Sydney Panelists Say It’s a Risk

Dr Catriona Wallace, journalist Tracey Spicer and Elladex CEO Shivani Gopal on how gender inequity could be exacerbated by machine learning.

Engineering a Fairer Workplace

Leaders have a role to play in creating spaces where both men and women can flourish, but individuals have a role to speak up, too.

Women’s Justice and Mercy Ministries: Celebrating the Church’s Unsung Heroes

A fascinating new podcast and e-book, ‘More Than a Cake Stall’, tells the story of women’s work in justice and mercy ministries.

Dr Katrina Clifford Helping Change Problematic College Cultures for Women

International Women’s Day (IWD), Tuesday 8 March, is an opportunity to celebrate women but also to lament about how women have been treated.

Jamila Rizvi on Giving Women Their “Work Confidence” Back

A lot of women lose confidence in their career prospects when they become mothers. But confidence isn’t a reflection of ability says Jamila Rizvi.