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The Art of Conversation: Are You an Illuminator or a Diminisher?

Often we assume we are better conversationalists than we are. It is hard to listen well. It is easier to be a diminisher than an illuminator.

Creating Safe Neighbourhoods Starts With a Single Word

Getting to know new people can be daunting at first, but Ben Hannant encourages us to start simple: “All you have to do is say hello.”

This Simple Act Can Really Make Your Life Count

Among charities that offer friendship to the elderly, it’s the students, young mums and other volunteers who say they benefit most.

Building a Sisterhood for Women to Support Each Other

Women need to join forces to support each other in the multiple roles we face as mother, daughter, wife, employee, nurse and schedule-holder.

How to Build a Strong Support Network: 3 Keys

Our social wellness plays a very big role in our physical and mental health. Here are some keys to building a strong quality support network.

Check In With Others to Show Your Support

It doesn’t take a lot to check in with someone. If you’re a leader, there are simple steps you can take to check in with your team, too.

Why Can’t Us Men Tell Each Other How We Feel?

Why is it, in male friendships, that when a mate gets close, all we can do is joke, asks writer Sheridan Voysey.