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5 Lessons Western Christians Should Learn from Persecuted Christians

A book focusing on the experience of persecuted Christians can help Western Christians prepare for a future in which religious freedom is severely eroded.

The Big Mistake People Make About Religious Discrimination

There’s a big mistake many people make about religious discrimination. It’s a threat to other basic freedoms, including non-religious Aussies.

Does Religious Freedom Lead To The Handmaid’s Tale?

In a SMH article criticising current political pushes for religious freedom in Australian law, Elizabeth Farrelly has drawn parallels to The Handmaids Tale.

When Religious Freedom Destroys Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is a hot issue in Australia today. Modern ‘religious freedom’ may well undermine Christian religious freedom.

4 Urgent Conversations Australians Need To Have After Folau

The Israel Folau saga has uncovered an urgent need for Australians to have conversations about the sort of society we want to live in.