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Australia’s Income and Wealth Distribution: A Snapshot

Using latest ABS data, McCrindle breaks down Australia’s income and wealth distribution and looks at how it compares across the generations.

What Our Bank Statements Can Tell Us About Our Faith in God

As you look at your bank statements, what does your balance and your habits tell you about your walk of faith?

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Family Finances

Financial advisor Alex Cook from Wealth With Purpose shares some Biblically based advice for managing your family finances.

8 Tips to Stay Financially Strong in 2023

The start of a new year is a great time to stop, reassess and make some basic plans to get your finances on track.

Exploring the Link Between Population Growth and Property Prices

Over the last two years, the key factors driving Australia’s population growth have all fallen. What does that mean for property prices into the future?

Your Community’s Best Budgeting and Money Saving Tips

As the cost of living has started to rise, we asked people like you for their top budgeting and money-saving tips (save this article for a rainy day!)

Budget 2022: Those Who Will Benefit

In the lead up to this year’s Federal Election, it seems nearly everyone’s a winner in the Government’s plan for the future.

“Teach Them Early”: An Expert’s Guide to Kids and Money

New research shows that while most Australian parents want to teach their children about finance, many don’t know where to start.

The #1 Money Regret Most Australians Have About Their Finances

The topic of financial health is one that many Australians put off for another day, and many Aussies don’t have much saved up for a rainy day.

Why Choose a Christian Financial Adviser?

As a Christian, it is important to work with a financial professional who truly understands biblical stewardship and shares your heart for God’s Kingdom.

Is It Time to Refinance?

With interest rates in Australia at record lows, it might be time to refinance your home loan and find yourself a better deal.

Creating Your Business Name and Slogan

Small businesses neglect ‘brand management’ at their own peril! It is not just a logo or a name, it is the collection of these parts that gives the end customer a powerful message about what your business is and what it stands for.

CAP Supports Petition Opposing Plan to Axe Safe Spending Laws

Debt relief charity Christians Against Poverty Australia urges senators to block proposed termination of safe lending laws.

Learning From the Ant: A Money Lesson

May we gain wisdom and insight from the ant, small as it may seem. So when winter comes, we will not find ourselves like the grasshopper, dying of hunger.

7 Ways to Multiply Your Business

Here are 7 areas areas you should be considering multiplying your business!

15 Tips to Improve Your Cash Flow Immediately

15 tips from a financial planner on how to help maximise your cash flow immediately!

What a Good Budget Looks Like

A budget is a great tool of self-awareness and helps you to identify where your money is going. Here are some basic guidelines!

Should You Borrow to Buy a Car?

Here are several points to seriously consider before you borrow to buy and sign on that dotted line and drive that shiny new car out of the lot.