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Gen Z’s Top Hope in Life: Home Ownership

The ‘Australian dream’ is still sought after, even with the current housing climate preventing many from entering the market.

Australia’s New Dream: Financial Independence

A new report shows that Financial independence now surpasses home ownership as the top financial dream for Australians today.

As a Christian, How Should I Think About Risk?

For Christians, our faith offers a different worldview through which we can manage our finances. How should we think about financial risk?

Australians Impacted by High Living Costs and Cashless Habits

Almost two in five Australians (37%) would find themselves without funds within a week if their income were to cease.

6 Reasons Why Giving is an Essential Part of a Healthy Christian Faith

Generosity is a clear distinctive of a healthy Christian life, writes Ben Allsop. Especially when times are difficult.

Budget 2023-24: “Relief for Those in Need”

The Albanese Government’s second budget is in, and it aims to help those doing it tough amid high cost-of-living pressures.

First Steps to Financial Freedom as a Couple

There’s no one right way to get your finances under control, but there are certain principles couples need to follow to reach freedom.

Understand Your Super Through the First Book of the Bible

Does the Bible say anything about Super? Here are three key things you need to know, according to superannuation expert Warren Bird.

“Shop Around”: Energy Boss’ Winter Warning

With winter looming amid rising energy costs, let’s look at some ways to keep warm without breaking the budget.

‘The Birds’ and the Rising Cost of Living

How can Jesus’ invitation to “consider the birds” help us cope with the rising cost of living? Max Jeganathan shares a Christian approach.

Australia’s Income and Wealth Distribution: A Snapshot

Using latest ABS data, McCrindle breaks down Australia’s income and wealth distribution and looks at how it compares across the generations.

What Our Bank Statements Can Tell Us About Our Faith in God

As you look at your bank statements, what does your balance and your habits tell you about your walk of faith?

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Family Finances

Financial advisor Alex Cook from Wealth With Purpose shares some Biblically based advice for managing your family finances.

8 Tips to Stay Financially Strong in 2023

The start of a new year is a great time to stop, reassess and make some basic plans to get your finances on track.

Exploring the Link Between Population Growth and Property Prices

Over the last two years, the key factors driving Australia’s population growth have all fallen. What does that mean for property prices into the future?

Your Community’s Best Budgeting and Money Saving Tips

As the cost of living has started to rise, we asked people like you for their top budgeting and money-saving tips (save this article for a rainy day!)

Budget 2022: Those Who Will Benefit

In the lead up to this year’s Federal Election, it seems nearly everyone’s a winner in the Government’s plan for the future.

“Teach Them Early”: An Expert’s Guide to Kids and Money

New research shows that while most Australian parents want to teach their children about finance, many don’t know where to start.