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Navigating the Path to Home Ownership in Today’s Market

Saving for a house may feel overwhelming, but with the right strategies and mindset, it’s achievable says financial planner, Alex Cook.

Gen Z’s Financial Savvy: Multiple Incomes for a Secure Future

Surpassing their older counterparts in their drive for financial stability, Gen Z is redefining wealth in Australia.

Can Someone Please Explain How Money Works?

It’s not what we do or what we own that gives us value. It’s who we have in our life, writes Sam Chan from Espresso Theology.

Federal Budget 22-23: “Hard Days to Come”

The Albanese government delivers its first budget, aimed at alleviating household pressure as the world “teeters” on recession.

What Low Migration Has Meant for Australia’s Economy and Property Market

Migration has historically been the primary mechanism for Australia’s growth. So what happens when closed borders brings that to a halt?

Home Loans and Rate Hike Pain: “It Will Rise For Some Time”

Australians feel the pinch as the Reserve Bank lifts interest rates for the first time in more than a decade. Here’s the rundown.

The Six Biggest Money Challenges Faced by Women

Financial planner, Helen Baker, explains the 6 most prominent money challenges that are (mostly) unique to women, and some tips to get ahead.

Blockchain May Bring Greater Levels of Financial Equality

Blockchain is changing finance across the globe, and as it rises in the coming years it is set to benefit the everyday individual in many ways.

Inside Bitcoin: A Beginner’s Guide to the World’s Favourite – and Most Mysterious – Digital Currency

It is the online currency that’s soaring in value – but what is Bitcoin? And will you need it in the future?

How to Maximise Your Tax Refund

Before you get carried away spending it up on new shiny toys, let’s talk about really making your tax refund work for you.

Tax Time – Here’s What You Can Expect to Claim If You Worked From Home

Many of us have been working from home the last 3-4 months and with it, comes the ability to claim some costs imposed on our household budget.

Why You Should Think Before Using Afterpay

Here’s why you or your teen should think very carefully before taking advantage of the Afterpay or Zip Pay payment method.

6 Fun Things You Can Still Do This Easter Weekend

Let’s not let the restrictions that COVID-19 brings, stop us from celebrating Easter with your family or household in fun and creative ways.