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Feeling Unmotivated – And How to Deal With It

A lack of motivation, can be restful and therapeutic, in the right measure for the right reasons. But it can also be accompanied by an evil twin: fear.

The Perks of Paranoia: Why Fear Might Be Your Best Business Resource

Despite its faults, Facebook’s recent big rebrand is consistent with the quality that has kept the company thriving from its beginning.

“Sharks Are Like Dogs”: Valerie Taylor Has Had to Undo Her ‘Jaws’ Influence

Valerie Taylor has spent much of her work as a conservationist re-educating the public about what sharks are really like.

3 Reasons to Fight Fear

Listening to fear doesn’t just affect you. Often times there is another person waiting on the other side of your courage.

Fear is a Liar

Fear deconstructed, is nothing more than an illusion. A combination of unhelpful thoughts and physical sensations designed to render us powerless.

Don’t Be Ruled By Your Fears

What are you running from? Where are you running to? This short story will have you longing for the freedom of wide open fields.

How to Live a Life of Worth

When you are making a decision for or against going through something in your life, is it faith that is prompting you, or is it fear?

Fear Not

In a relationship with Jesus we can have many life-changing experiences, but people’s opinions can instil fear which prevents us from sharing about them.

What to Say to Children and Teens About COVID-19

Reports on COVID-19 are everywhere – on every screen, in every feed, at work, and school. But how much is too much information? And what is age appropriate?

We Push Out into New, Uncharted Waters. Don’t Be Afraid

If yesterday was the shore, today we push out into new waters. What new lands we might find! New relationships and fulfilled dreams could lie ahead.