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Why Does My Wife Restack the Dishwasher?

When I stack the dishwasher, my wife re-stacks it. I can never get it right! So I simply give up. I think some of us are like that with God.

Why This Happens at School Reunions

Ever had the experience of attending a school reunion where someone didn’t remember you at all? Sam Chan reflects.

How Can a Doughnut Have So Many Calories?

Next time you dig into a donut, don’t think about the calories, think about how much you also need God’s Word, writes Sam Chan.

Why Do I Hate Vacuuming?

Vacuuming is boring. It’s indoors. But mowing the lawn is exciting. It’s outdoors. There’s danger! Context is everything.

What Shall We Do About Our Coffee Snobbery?

In the Bible, Jesus says sin is being confident of your own righteousness and looking down on others is a sin. Does that make coffee snobbery, sinful?

Why Do We Make Our Kids Do Weekend Sports?

Thousands of kids play sport every weekend. But why? To become pros? No! That’s the wrong reason that’ll make you a toxic parent on the sideline.

Why the World Hates Vegemite

We only love vegemite because it’s Australian… The rest of the world doesn’t love Vegemite – because they’re not Australian. Sam Chan ponders.

Why You Mustn’t Miss the Start of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’

Elvis lived a full life because he wasn’t afraid, so the movie says – but Elvis also died at 42. Was it a life half life lived? Sam Chan ponders.

Why We Stockpile Toilet Paper!

It’s hard to imagine being more desperate than that moment when you run out of loo roll. It can teach us something about our humanity, writes Sam Chan.

Why is Petrol $2 Per Litre?

The price of petrol recently skyrocketed to over $2 per litre. How can this be? Because this is the price we have to pay, writes Sam Chan.

Am I the Only One Who Can’t Do the Rubik’s Cube?

Why do we have this obsession with the Rubik’s Cube? Maybe it’s because deep down we have a God-given desire for order, design, and beauty

“You Must Squeegee the Shower” – and Other Useless Rules

In my house we have this rule: Last Person to Shower Must Squeegee the Shower. It sounds like a great rule, but it’s had the opposite effect.

Why Languishing Is the New Buzzword

Languishing describes how we feel in the covid isolation lockdown: Not flourishing. Not bored. But languishing. But why do we feel this way?

What Covid Taught Me About the Embarrassing Parts in the Bible

During COVID, those weird Old Testament laws about isolating, washing hands and social distancing from the unclean suddenly make a lot of sense.

Baby Shark – One Person’s Harmless Ditty is Another Person’s Instrument of Torture

Baby Shark – doo doo doo doo doo doo – has become the most watched YouTube video with over 7 billion views.

Tiger King: Are We Much Different From Joe Exotic?

While, in isolation, plenty of people binged Netflix’s crime documentary, “Tiger King” (2020). But maybe we’re not so different from him as we think.

Negative Response to a Viral Celebrity Cover of John’s Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, Highlights Our Desire to Be Truly Understood

The well meaning short 3 minute video of Gal Gadot and other celebrities singing Imagine has been mercilessly slammed and labelled “tone deaf”.

Taylor Swift’s Pop Civil War Shows Why We Need a God

At a personal level, Taylor Swift calls out Scooter for “incessant, manipulative bullying” against her. This is a feud that has gone on for a long time.