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The Action-Packed Movie Fast-X is Boring? Really?

Vin Diesel and his buddies look great, flex their muscles, and drive fast cars. But critics of Fast-X complain that there’s no story…

Why Don’t Motorcyclists Nod to Scooters?

As humans there’ll always be an “us” and a “them”. But Jesus says to love everyone. Especially those who don’t ‘nod’ back!

Why Cancel Culture Should be Cancelled

Right now everyone is cancelling everyone. Sam Chan takes a look at what Jesus thinks about cancel culture.

What’s Happened to Ted Lasso?

Ted Lasso episodes have become bloated. Episodes are now 60 minutes long. There’s more drama and less comedy. And everyone has daddy issues.

Why Are My Allergies Trying to Kill Me?

Why do we have allergies? Because our body’s own immune system is attacking itself. Sometimes we do that to ourselves emotionally, too.

Do I Really Need to Do 10,000 Steps Per Day?

The problem with these numbers is that it never feels like I’m doing enough! Not eating or sleeping enough. Not doing enough steps…

Is Jesus a Motorbike or Scooter Guy?

A motorbike is all about danger; a scooter is about being chill. Jesus is both danger and chill at the same time, writes Sam Chan.

Why It’s Okay to Swim After Eating

Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to wait 30 minutes after lunch before you swim? It’s not as dangerous as we all thought…

Why Marie Kondo’s Coming Clean Sparks Joy on the Internet

We shouldn’t pretend that our lives are in order. Jesus doesn’t want us to clean up – only to fail over and over again. Sam Chan reflects.

Can Someone Please Explain How Money Works?

It’s not what we do or what we own that gives us value. It’s who we have in our life, writes Sam Chan from Espresso Theology.

This is Why I Hate Doing Laundry

Many of us may hate doing laundry, but we do it – because deep down, we know that doing the laundry is purposeful…

Why Does My Wife Restack the Dishwasher?

When I stack the dishwasher, my wife re-stacks it. I can never get it right! So I simply give up. I think some of us are like that with God.

Why This Happens at School Reunions

Ever had the experience of attending a school reunion where someone didn’t remember you at all? Sam Chan reflects.

How Can a Doughnut Have So Many Calories?

Next time you dig into a donut, don’t think about the calories, think about how much you also need God’s Word, writes Sam Chan.

Why Do I Hate Vacuuming?

Vacuuming is boring. It’s indoors. But mowing the lawn is exciting. It’s outdoors. There’s danger! Context is everything.

What Shall We Do About Our Coffee Snobbery?

In the Bible, Jesus says sin is being confident of your own righteousness and looking down on others is a sin. Does that make coffee snobbery, sinful?

Why Do We Make Our Kids Do Weekend Sports?

Thousands of kids play sport every weekend. But why? To become pros? No! That’s the wrong reason that’ll make you a toxic parent on the sideline.

Why the World Hates Vegemite

We only love vegemite because it’s Australian… The rest of the world doesn’t love Vegemite – because they’re not Australian. Sam Chan ponders.