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Unpacking The Parent-Teacher Tensions in the Education System

John Anderson is joined by Professor James Tooley for a fascinating conversation about the role of education in the modern age.

How Schools are Designing Classrooms for the Future

20th century style learning, including memorising, cramming, and silently listening to teachers lecturing, has had its day, writes futurist Michael McQueen.

$1 Billion Upgrade: A Plan for Australia’s Digital Workforce

The Australian Computer Society has proposed a raft of messages for the government to stock up the nation’s digital infrastructure.

Mum Turns Her Kids’ Questions Into Award-Winning Education Series

‘Franki and Banksia’ was a winner in the New York City Big Book Awards this year, which was a huge milestone for Sydney mum Leanne Murner.

“Teach Them Early”: An Expert’s Guide to Kids and Money

New research shows that while most Australian parents want to teach their children about finance, many don’t know where to start.

Finding Hope: A Young Man Improving Lives Through Science Textbooks

Young Indigenous man Corey Tutt is passionate about science, loves animals and founded Deadly Science to equip remote Indigenous schools across Australia.

Can Racism Be Stopped in the Schoolyard? A New Doco is About to Find Out

A new ABC documentary is observing a pilot program designed to change the conversation about race in a primary school.

“Whole-Of-Life” Approach Needed to Prevent Violence Against Women, Says Report

The ‘Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence and Harassment Against Women and Girls’ report was put together by La Trobe University researchers.

How Augmented Reality Is Becoming an Everyday Reality for Today’s Students

A reform to the national assessment program, NAPLAN, to include digital literacy in its testing indicates the increased use of technology in education.

Closing the Gap: Australia’s First Indigenous College Set for Sydney

A ground-breaking university college for Indigenous Australians in Sydney is closer to becoming a reality with completion set for 2025.

Deadly Science Helps Remote Kids Wonder About the World Around Them

Corey Tutt was named the NSW Young Australian of the Year, last year, recognising his work founding Deadly Science – inspiring Indigenous students.

“Our Mission to Save Children”: New Anti-Abuse Technology

A new tech start-up lead by former CEO of World Vision Australia promises to increase protection of all vulnerable people from malpractice and abuse.

Graduate Job Readiness

There seems to be an increasing disconnect between what students are being prepared for and what the workforce expects of graduates.

Why Experience Really Is the Best Teacher for Today’s Students

To convince a learner’s brain to persist with an objective, teachers need to be more mindful of helping students establish meaning.

Why Critical Thinking is More Critical Than Ever

In a world of fake news, alternative facts and conspiracy theories that are learned and shared, the ability to discern fact from fiction is fundamental.

Success at School: IQ vs Personality

Research shows that students who are conscientious and open to new experiences score a full grade higher than the average student.

Which Archetype of Leadership Represents You?

In schools and workplaces, the different approaches to teaching and authority tend to group themselves into four key categories.

3 Keys to Asking Better Questions

If you are finding your conversations are not resulting in what you had hoped, try using these 3 keys to help you ask better questions.