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God Told Heather to Let Her Boyfriend Go: Holy Spirit as Relationship Counsellor

From the beginning, Heather had committed her relationship to God. She knew she must do what God had said.

The Power of a Picture: Why God Speaks in Dream-Visions

Why does God speak in dreams and visions that can be confusing and obscure? Why would he seemingly shroud his message in symbols?

How to Stop Those Negative Voices From Running Your Life

We kill our dreams by thinking about why we can’t. Asking ‘what if’ instead, will allow you to see into opportunity, writes Rachel Reva.

Both Met Their Future Spouses In a Dream. One Got Married, One Didn’t…

Even when we hear God’s voice, things can still go wrong. The interaction of God’s revelation with our fallen humanity means there are few solid rules.

The Meaning of Cars and Other Vehicles in Dreams

Dreams usually speak a symbolic language. Objects may represent a concept. If your dream features a vehicle of some sort, it is likely to be significant.

Where Do My Dreams Come From?

Our dreams can often carry important messages and they are worth paying attention to. These are 3 possible sources of where your dream came from.

Making Peace with the Life You Didn’t Plan

It’s not what you planned for, it’s not what you prepared for, and it’s certainly not what you prayed for. Here’s how to make peace with your life.

It’s Time to Pause Pandemic Thinking and Get Back to Future Dreaming, Says NY Times Bestseller Bob Goff

Bob Goff says we can still love well in the midst of our struggle, and that new ‘life dreams and ambitions’ may be birthed in this season.

“Jesus Spoke to me in a Dream.” Does God Speak to those who don’t know him?

You may have heard the incredible stories coming out of the Middle East where Jesus has been reported to be appearing to Muslims in dreams.