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God Can Only Heal What You Reveal

Even if it hurts, open your hand. Whatever that means for you. It’s time to let go of the pain and allow God to mend every part of your broken heart.

What Your Friend Really Needs When Their Going Through a Divorce

Not every person facing divorce is the same, but I believe there are 10 universal needs that most who are divorcing share.

How Can Divorced Parents Get on The Same Page During COVID-19?

Dr Justin Coulson shares some tips for how divorced parents can negotiate differences and make shared custody achievable during this difficult time.

Helping Your Blended Family Thrive, Not Just Survive

These 4 things will help your new blended family better navigate the changes to family life, strength relationships and diffuse tensions.

A Roadmap for Co-Parents During COVID-19

Co-parenting at the best of times is complicated. Dr Justin Coulson gives some guidance to help co-parents navigate these challenging times.

Why I’m Telling You I Saw a Counsellor

More than anything, I wanted to be normal, and in my eyes, the need for counselling meant I was anything but. I was broken and needed repair.