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Compassion is Key in Handling Cyber Safety Issues with Kids

Focus on the Family say that compassion goes a long way when it comes to handling online incidents and tricky topics with our kids.

Why I’m not Afraid to Take my Kids Out in Public

Here are some tips to make things go smoother, learned over many years of extensive shopping, with multiple children, in public places!

What’s Your Parenting Style?

Studies suggest pretty clearly that there is a right way to parent – authoritatively with a big emphasis on autonomy support rather than control.

The Spanking Debate: Changing Minds Takes a Generation

Many parents hold the belief that if we don’t discipline our children, they’ll grow up to be out of control, but spanking is not discipline.

How to Discipline Children Effectively Without Using Consequences or Punishment

Children are more likely to learn from their errors and poor decisions when they feel safe from anger and punishment, even when they get things wrong.

Raising Children to Love or Fear

When it comes to motivating behaviour, it is undeniable that fear is a strong motivator. But why does it work? And what does it actually do?