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Digital Leadership Summit – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane this July

No matter what sector or organisation you are part of, the key to a successful future is current and ongoing awareness and innovation.

Mission, Ministry and Maliciousness in the Metaverse

Stephen McAlpine shares his reflections on the kinds of experiences we can expect from mission and ministry in the ‘Metaverse’.

Making Space: Rediscovering Rest in the Unrelenting Digital Age

Are we so attached to our technology that we have lost the ability to tune out and turn off? What are the implications for us relationally and spiritually?

How Augmented Reality Is Becoming an Everyday Reality for Today’s Students

A reform to the national assessment program, NAPLAN, to include digital literacy in its testing indicates the increased use of technology in education.

What on Earth is an NFT? A Tech Expert Explains the Digital Phenomenon

Hot on the heels of cryptocurrency, the Internet is in a spin about the new craze of non-fungible – yes, that’s a real word – tokens.

The Future is Arriving Ahead of Schedule, Thanks to COVID

Some of the biggest technological innovations in history occurred during wars and struggles of history, and the same is appearing true of COVID.