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Too Right Bluey, Creativity is Not a ‘Tool’

The problem is, creativity is not designed for solving problems. Sure, it can be helpful, but it’s not what it’s for.

The Clearing

“Like a small flame flickering and waving in the dark, calling to her.” Neri Morris creates theatre of the mind in her creative piece ‘The Clearing.’

Susie Youssef on Why TV Show ‘Making It Australia’ Will Inspire Creativity

‘Making It Australia’ features 13 amazing makers from around Australia competing in various challenges, hosted by comedian Susie Youssef.

Work was Given to Adam and Eve Before “The Fall” – How the Mundane Can Be Meaningful

Authors Shannon Vandewarker and Denise Daniels’ new book considers how Christians can enhance their everyday occupation through spiritual intention.

Is There a Master Builder? How Lego Points to Something Bigger

Lego may give an insight into some of life’s biggest questions, and a pointer that maybe the atheist explanation for the universe is inadequate.

We Need a New Renaissance of Faith. These Three Commitments Can Help

The world is in a mess. Many Christians are falling for conspiracy theories. We need a new renaissance and these commitments can help deliver it.

Why Ground-Level Workers Are The Top-level Innovators

Original thinkers on the ground level consistently prove to be the hope for big businesses and their antidote for irrelevance.

How Disney’s Teamwork Pushes Them Into the Unknown

The making of ‘Frozen 2’ reveals how the Disney team embraced innovation, collaboration and leadership in the process of their production.

How To Crowdsource Creativity

Some of the best ideas for innovation, creativity and invention don’t lie somewhere ‘out there’; they are often right under our noses.

5 Ways to maximise your next brainstorming session

‘Collaboration is not about gluing together existing ideas. It’s about creating ideas that didn’t exist until everyone entered the room.’