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How to Approach Sale Season Ethically

Baptist World Aid’s Australian Ethical Consumer Report for 2023 provides a comprehensive look at the Australian consumer landscape.

The Rise of Conscious Consumers

The future consumer is reshaping the landscape of the retail world, calling for accountability in their operations.

Virtuous Consumerism: A Growing Consumer Trend

The rise of virtuous consumerism highlights a growing concern for the planet and the need for sustainable practices, writes Mark McCrindle.

Consumer Expectations When Transitioning to a Cashless Society

The convenience of digital payments means that purchase of products and services online are expected to rise compared to in-store.

Too Good to Waste: How the Circular Economy Is Reshaping Consumption

Consumerism is fuelled by planned obsolescence, the intentional design of a product to only last a certain amount of time before needing replacement.

The World Ethical Fashion Report to Help You Buy Better for Everyone

If you care about sustaining people and our planet, the annual ‘Ethical Fashion Report’ offers guidance on how to consume wisely.

Many Australians Want to Shop More Ethically But Don’t Know How: Report

The report found that 87 per cent wanted to change their fashion consumption habits to consume more ethically but lacked awareness of ethical brands.

Three Impacts of COVID-19 on the Future of Retail

An analysis of the last year shows how the changes in consumer behaviour is set to shape the future of retail, particularly in these 3 ways.

Can Your Business Be Trusted?

Winning back the trust of consumers is one of the most essential battles businesses of our era could engage in, and it needs to be played on the offensive.

How Social Media Is Capitalising on Its Youngest Users

Social media e-commerce is on the rise and the trends are clear: the younger the user, the more likely they are to spend through social media.

3 Elements Of The Age Of Empowerment

In the existing world of power and politics, the story of David and Goliath has never really rung true. Aside from the odd revolutionary. Until now.

Why Australians Are Caught Up In Consumerism

Our consumption habits are impacting our physical and emotional lives. Are we consuming to distract ourselves from life’s stresses?