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Yes, It is Still Possible to Disagree Well

There is a community that is striving to see the love of Jesus change hostile debates into meaningful discussions.

Creating Safe Neighbourhoods Starts With a Single Word

Getting to know new people can be daunting at first, but Ben Hannant encourages us to start simple: “All you have to do is say hello.”

Building a Sisterhood for Women to Support Each Other

Women need to join forces to support each other in the multiple roles we face as mother, daughter, wife, employee, nurse and schedule-holder.

National Volunteer Week: “A Way to Give Back”

This year the week celebrates the “change” made by the more than five million Australians who regularly put up their hand to help.

“Social Glyphosate”, aka Individualism, and How It’s Withering Our Society

Radical expressive individualism – deciding who we want to be outside of the confines of others – isn’t creating the flourishing they promise on the bottle.

Here’s Why We All Need Community

To love, you need community. Both introverts and extroverts can experience and receive love, and be kind to others, writes Eliezer Gonzalez.

Finding Hope: A Young Man Improving Lives Through Science Textbooks

Young Indigenous man Corey Tutt is passionate about science, loves animals and founded Deadly Science to equip remote Indigenous schools across Australia.

Empowering Our Kids For Community

Empowerment is not about giving your kids permission to do whatever they please with no consideration for others in their community.

Prayers for Missing Hunter Region Boy Unites Different Religious Communities

On the evening of AJ’s disappearance, a Zoom prayer session was organised that quickly reached its 1000 capacity over following nights.

Australians on the Move

Aussies are on the move, with 1 in 2 saying in a McCrindle 2020 survey that they were thinking of relocating in the next year or two.

City Bible Forum Celebrates 30 Years of Helping People Do Ministry in Their Workplaces

In 1991, Craig Josling started a group that now sees 800 Christian workers meeting in small groups throughout Sydney.

Blokes Need to Bond: Men’s Health Week 2021

In a COVID world, men need to connect with family and friends even more, according to men’s health experts.

We Need a New Renaissance of Faith. These Three Commitments Can Help

The world is in a mess. Many Christians are falling for conspiracy theories. We need a new renaissance and these commitments can help deliver it.

You Can’t Love God and Hate People

Love is the mark of true faith, true Christianity. And it is so much more than a word. Love is a verb. It’s an action. An outworking.

The Letterbox Project: Connecting Isolated Australians Through Old-Fashioned Letters

The Letterbox Project is a letter writing initiative that aims to bring meaningful connection to older and isolated Australians.

Wear Hope-Coloured Glasses

When we’re seeing people through God’s love and hope-filled eyes, people are no longer an inconvenience, but walking miracles.

Don’t Just Find Your Tribe, Open the Circle and Let People In

Who else would be grateful for an open invitation into your tribe today? Love often lies on the other side of convenience.

4 Ways To Host a Group Video Call

Check out these group video call tools that are available to help us stay connected and continue community through disrupting times.