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He Came as a Refugee, Now His Sci-Fi Surgery Changes Lives

Munjed, the NSW Australian of the Year, is the Iraq-born surgeon who came to Australia as a refugee in 1999.

Faith Amid the Fires: How Chaplains are Meeting Emotional and Spiritual Needs of Australians

While emergency services respond to Australia’s bushfire crisis there’s another army quietly assisting people emotionaly and spiritualy: the chaplains.

The NZ Pastor and His Daughter, who Cared for Volcano Victims

Geoff and Lillani, who are both first-aid trained, volunteered to assist the victims of the volcano, alongside other passengers who were doctors on a boat that just left the island.

Reinhard Bonnke, Gospel Preacher to Africa and Influencer of Millions, Dies Age 79

Renowned Christian evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, one of the most prolific missionary-preachers of the modern era, has died – aged 79.

Tears of Joy and Sorrow as Uluru Climb is Closed: A Chat with Brooke Prentis

There was joy and celebration at the foot of Uluru, as climbing of the rock was finally banned. Brooke Prentis was there.

Teens Stressed by Exams and Big Decisions? Try These 8 Tips to Help Them ‘Chill Out’

“There’s so much pressure around that age.” “…about what they do next after the exams, so actually my voice to her as a mum has been ‘chill out’!

Incredible Act of Jesus-Like Mercy, as Man Forgives the Woman who Killed His Brother

It was a rare display of Christ-like love in a Texas courtroom, when a young man forgave the Dallas woman who shot and killed his brother.

SBS News Reader Anton Urges Aussies to Take the Bowel Screening Test; It Saved His Life

In December 2017, beloved SBS newsreader Anton Enus suddenly disappeared from Australian TV. He had discovered, out of the blue, that he had bowel cancer.

Kerry Armstrong Insisted Heather Jelly’s Fashion Stay Frozen in Time, in New ‘SeaChange’

Now, 19 years later, Laura’s back in Pearl Bay to see her daughter, and Seachange has made a surprise return on the Nine Network.

An Encounter with God on the Moon: Astronaut Jim Irwin’s Incredible Lunar Experience

He was so overwhelmed God’s presence was so close on the moon… he would say “[I] felt the power of God as I’d never felt it before” in that moment.”