Because Every Yes is Also a No

Brian Harris suggests, each time we are about to say “yes”, why not pause and ask, “what does this mean I am saying no to?”

5 Better Measures of Success

We all crave for success, but how do we know when we’ve really “made it”? What really matters to God’s heart when it comes to success?

Finding True Rest in a World That’s Too Busy

The more we can trust that God is in control and cares for us, and that we don’t have to earn his approval, the more we’ll be able to “rest” .

The Power of the Word: How Language Transforms and Transcends

In Christianity, words hold profound importance. The world was spoken into being. Man’s first task was to name the animals. Adam and Eve were quickly named.

“Healthy Masculinity Looks Like Christlikeness,” Says Pastor Jon Tyson

Australian pastor and author Jon Tyson says we need a “radical Christian community”, championing healthy masculinity and Christlike character.

Solitude for Beginners

Susan Browning was always busy – until the day she started watching clouds go by – and felt a tiny bit restored. It started a new habit.

Christian Growth Comes Down to Daily Habits Says Pastor Justin Kendrick

In his new book, Justin explores habits that help and challenge us to build lives which are more Jesus-like.

How To Actively Read Your Bible

If you want to read the Bible in a way that gives God a greater scope to change you, try the S.O.A.P. method. Here’s how to do it.

Humility Hasn’t Always Been a Virtue. Here’s How its Meaning Changed

Along with kindness and generosity, humility may be our most-cited quality of a good person. But it hasn’t always been considered a virtue.

Why do Christians act so un-Christian?

It’s easy to assume that once someone makes a decision to become a Christian, they automatically start acting like it. But this is largely a fallacy.

How Jesus Taught Us To Bring Flavour to Life

We preserve our flavour by holding onto the ingredients Jesus describes in His sermon, this salt flavours our family, community and our nation.

Why Christians Should Avoid Alarmism (And What To Do Instead)

If we see the world through the eyes of faith, we’ll see that Christ is working out all things according to His good plans.

Are You Living The Anaesthetised Life?

A rich and satisfying life doesn’t come from spending hours endlessly scrolling through social media. It comes through knowing Jesus.

The Gospel and the Salt

The primary resonance of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew that we are the salt of the earth, would have been the idea of preservation.

How Not To Fight Cancel Culture

When threatened with ‘cancellation’, how do we keep from fighting outrage with outrage, hate with hate, cancellation with counter-cancellation?

Drive-by Christianity

Some people practice drive-by Christianity, but the Bible doesn’t talk about visiting the house of God. It talks about dwelling in the house of God.

Living in Purpose

When you hear the term ‘purpose’, what words come to mind? Success? Happiness? Wealth? As a Christian, I find my answer in God’s Word.

Could You Be Serving God For All the Wrong Reasons?

What’s your motivation for serving God? It isn’t always what we do that matters so much, but moreso the reason why we do it.