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‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’ Coming to a Suburb Near You

Could an encounter between the elderly and preschoolers transform the lives of both generations? UNSW researches.

How Jesus Launched a Sexual Revolution That Protects Children

Outrage against paedophilia is not universal, neither through history nor through many cultures around the world today.

How Jesus Launched a Sexual Revolution That Protects Children

The West now accepts that paedophilia is morally repugnant. But it wasn’t always this way, writes Akos Balogh.

Parenting Hack: Send Your Kids on Secret Missions

So far with secret missions I have convinced my kids to put dishes away, clean up someone else’s mess, be polite, and be quiet…

Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement

Katy Faust and Stacy Manning, co-authors of Them Before Us, argue for a re-focus on the needs of children above the desires of parents.

How Kids Helpline is Normalising ‘Help Seeking’ in Schools

Schools are encouraged to make use of the free Kids Helpine @ School program which can empower and help normalise ‘help seeking’ in students.

Sesame Street and Jesus

Reaching out to children and capturing their attention was not new with creators of Sesame Street’s and the Muppets. Jesus set the example.

“It’s Time to Put Children First” Says National Children’s Commissioner

After two years of uncertainty and disruption, Commissioner Hollonds said it is time to put the needs and mental wellbeing of children first.

Free Bible for Babies Born in 2021

Launched in 2018, Bible Society’s Bibles For Bubs program has given away 10,000 Toddler Bibles over the last 5 years, with another 2,000 to be sent this year.

Why I’m not Afraid to Take my Kids Out in Public

Here are some tips to make things go smoother, learned over many years of extensive shopping, with multiple children, in public places!

“Our Mission to Save Children”: New Anti-Abuse Technology

A new tech start-up lead by former CEO of World Vision Australia promises to increase protection of all vulnerable people from malpractice and abuse.

Mindfulness a Priority for Federal Government in Improving Mental Health of Youth

The Federal Government is supporting the rollout of the Smiling Mind app into 600 regional and rural Australian primary schools this year.

Rend Collective Band Leader Chosen by Sponsor Child

On the eve of their sell-out Australian tour, Rend Collective’s Gareth Gilkeson opened up about being one of the last to be chosen as a Child Sponsor.

Perfectionism – Stealing Children’s Confidence and Responsibility?

Sometimes the obsessive tendency for things to be ‘just so’ can undermine our goal to build confidence and responsibility into our kids.

Talking to Children About the Bushfires

The fires have affected so many in this country. How do we help our children to feel reassured when they witness so much that can stoke fear and insecurity?

A Focus On Holistic Education is #trending In Schools

There is a greater focus on the holistic upbringing in schools. We are seeing a shift from the educational basics to education of the whole child.

The Origins of National Children’s Week

Jesus taught that children was that children were and are to be valued and were ‘not to be looked down upon.’ But as history would show us – this was ‘counter cultural’.

Gifts for the Children at the Good News Children’s Care Centre

On a recent flight to India, the Flight Attendant heard about their journey and wanted to contribute with whatever gifts she could find on-board the plane for the Children.